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There are various ways to fix a Dell laptop charger but this will depend with the type of fault. If you are not sure where the fault is, you should take it to a technician.

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2014-08-23 06:33:18
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Q: How do you fix a Dell laptop charger?
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Where could one buy a Dell laptop car charger?

Through the Dell website. There, you can match the specific charger you need to the specific laptop you have.

Can I use an older Dell laptop charger for a newer laptop?

No, the laptop chargers change depending on the make and model for Dell products. I would make sure you get the right charger for your laptop.

How do you charge your Dell laptop battery?

you first plug the charger into the laptop, then proceed to plug the other end of the charger into the wall wherever your electrical outlet is

Where can one order a Dell battery charger?

You can purchase a laptop charger for your Dell from Best Buy, eBay, Tiger Direct, Amazon. Newegg. Fry's Electronics, Target, Walmart, and from the Dell store on the official Dell website.

What should you do if your bulb in your dell laptop is broken?

take it to a laptop fix shop near you.

Where can one purchase a charger for a Dell D620 laptop?

If you are looking for a charger for a Dell D620 laptop then you will be able to buy it from a specialist computer shop like Maplin or PCWorld. You will also be able to get them from online computer shops and general retailers like Amazon.

Why does Dell Inspiron 1521 say Plugged in Not Charging?

This is something quite common with Dell laptop - the problem is your charger. It seems that microcontroller or wiring in your charger is defective. I am not entirely sure as to why the charger can provide power and not charge but it is probably something to do with Dell design. Most likely, you will have to buy another Dell charger online. Remember not to buy a universal charger as the "plugged in, not charging" problem will also occur. i would recommend buying laptop chargers from because they offer lifetime warranty and free shipping to all laptop chargers at a good price. I think that with the benefits of warranty and shipping, it is definitely worth it to buy chargers from them. Best of luck.

What do you do when your dell laptop charger does not charge the battery?

First check that there is a voltage output on the charging unit. If there is a voltage output the charger should be usable. All that is left to do is look for a replacement battery for the computer. also if you have a random hp laptop charger lying around try it. my dell inspiron only charges on an hp charger which is really weird but hey whatever works i guess.

Can any laptop charger charge toshiba laptop?

No, your charger will have to be a Toshiba charger

Where can one find a replacement laptop charger?

You can find a replacement laptop charge from web stores such as Amazon or Dell. Your best bet would be to contact the manufacturer of your laptop in order to get a genuine product.

Is there an sd slot on a dell laptop?

no there is not sd slot for a dell laptop

Where do I buy a Dell XPS m1530 charger?

There are many places to buy laptop chargers. The price range from $20 to $80 depending on where and who you buy from. Here are a common list of websites you can search your laptop model on: Just make sure the charger you found is specifically for Dell XPS m1530 and not a universal charger! I would specifically recommend buying from because they offer lifetime warranty and free shipping to all laptop chargers at a good price. With the benefits of warranty and shipping, I think it is definitely worth it to buy chargers from them. Good luck.

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