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How do you fix a cell phone that still works but the screen is a dark blue color due to water damage?

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Fixing a Broken LCD ScreenYou replace it. Not the phone, The LCD screen. It's a HECK of alot cheaper than buying a new phone most of the time. If you go to 'EBAY' and type in the model of your phone, then look for accessories, you may find a replacement screen & PC board...(it's generally a can't buy one without the other kinda deal.) That's how I fixed mine after my niece dropped it. Pretty easy to replace on your own as well. A quick trip to the hardware store will get you the bit drivers you will need. Most of the time they are torx bits & the microbit drivers are about $5 to $20, with replaceable bits.

If the screen is intact try this

I had a phone do this and believe it or not if yours is having the same problem you can put it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and get about 5 minutes of screen time to recover important messages or contacts. I don't know why but being a computer nerd I figured a deep freeze may help and it did! repeat if necessary.

Also, if that doesn't work for you, then try putting your phone in rice for 1 to 2 days. It worked for me, and my sister

2011-09-13 01:50:53
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How do you repaire a phone that still works but has a blue screen due to water damage?

If you have a phone that has been damaged by water but still works, it may still have a blue screen. You have to allow your phone to dry, and this can be done by taking out the battery and laying that and the phone is a bowl of rice overnight.

What happens if a touch screen ohne gets a scratch on its screen?

i have a touch screen, my phone is fine and still running. some phones might not work as well as some regarding damage though

Are there phone covers that protect the face of your phone?

Not directly, although Zagg sells a product called invisible shield that protects your cell phones screen from damage. It is strong enough to be jabbed by a key and still withstand damage.

When you drop your phone an it brakes the screen am still got warranty can i get new phone?

The best you can hope for is that the screen will be replaced, and even that's a stretch. The warranty covers product defect... dropping it is considered damage by abuse, and voids the warranty.

What do you do if your blackberry 8320 gets water damage?

There is a sensor on the inside of your phone that turns a different color if it has significany water damage. If this sensor hasn't turned, your warranty is still good.

What are some features of the HTC Evo 4g?

the screen is 4.3 inches its not a large phone about the size of an iphone, it has a kickstand on the back so that you can still hear the speaker lcd color screen

How do you get your touch screen phone to work if you cracked the screen but it still lights up?

Just buy a new screen and replace it :)

When I replaced the LCD screen on LG shine cell phone everything still working but still no screen. What did I do wrong?

CHeck the Hardware version of the LCD screen you got, and make sure it's the same as the Hardware version on your phone.

What can i do if my phone screen is broken so i cant use the phone but the phone is still working and have to back up everything on it through iCloud?

You have two choices... either replace the screen - or - replace the phone... whichever is cheapest.

Why is my Lg gd510 touch screen not working but can still turn phone on and off?


What do you do if your screen on your iphone5 is cracked?

The iPhone screen may be cracked but it might still be usable. If you really want a new screen, buy a replacement screen or buy a new phone.

Will a LCD protector protect my phone if I drop in on cement?

An LCD protector should protect your phone against a substantial amount of damage from small abrasions, but it's still not the panacea for cell phone damage.

How do you fix a phone that still works but has water on the screen?

Your best bet is to remove the plastic layer of the screen using a screw driver, but you may or may not strike the LCD panel and damage it if you are not careful. Dry the plastic layer with a towel and gently swab the LCD panel. Hope this helps!

What do you do if your cell phone flashes a blank white screen every once in a while?

I have a Nokia cell phone I forgot what the name was but it is a flip phone. I've had it for almost two years and since last night its been showing a blank white screen, I can still use it and it still shows the regular screen but its flashing a white screen every 8 seconds and the mini screen on the outside isn't working at there anything I can do to fix it before i take it into AT&T?

What does a mobile phone do to a brain?

Its still unproven but prolonged exposure to the mobile phone can outset brain damage in later years of life.

Which DS screen accessories can protect the screen from smudges but still keep the screen sharp?

Do you remember the first time you bought a DS or a new phone. They usually come with a plastic film over the screen that protects it. Well this would keep smudges off your screen and the screen would still be just as sharp as if it was off.

Which phone is better lg octane or lg cosmos touch?

if you would prefer a phone with a touch screen that still slides out text then I would say the cosmos touch is better. If you would prefer a phone that is not a touch screen but still flips up to text i would go with the octane. Both are from Verizon and neither require a data plan.

When were touch screen phones invented?

I have a at&t touch screen android phone from somebody and I've never seen no life to it I have plugged it in but still nothing what could be wrong?

Is the black and red samsung admire the samething?

Well no it's not different only the color is different but still the phone still has the same

Can you still use a laptop if the screen is cracked?

Yes. Depending on the damage to screen, it may be difficult or impossible to read. You can connect an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and use it like you would a desktop.

Can rice fix water damage to a touch screen?

Yes it can as soon as the phone is removed from the water pat or shake it dry put it in a bowl of rice for 24-48 hours the most you would have to wait is a week after that it should work and you can still use the rice as well :)

How much would it cost to fix an android phone screen?

It depends on how broken it is. A phone screen is comprised of 3 layers. There's the glass layer which protects the digitizer and LCD display, the digitizer layer (which recognizes touch input), and then the LCD screen that sits underneath them all. If the glass is cracked but touch input still works and the LCD displays all the parts of the screen then replacement glass costs about $35. If touch input doesnt work then that means that the digitizer is damaged which is about $40 in parts. If the screen is so damaged that it does not display a complete picture then thats another $40 in parts (on top of the costs of the glass and digitizer) to get the LCD screen layer. Then you gotta pay the tech for his labor as well as the shipping costs for the new screen. Depending on the level of damage I would say that that $80 is the minimum you would pay and $200 would be the maximum if the screen has suffered extreme damage.

Why is a screen on a phone made out of glass?

because it is waterproff and it protects it. also it has a plasic cover over then glass so if you do smash the glass if dont fall out but shaters and holds the screen together still.

Can I buy a Samsung touch screen with a slide out qwerty keyboard?

Yes, Samsung makes phones with the ability to still be able to use your phone if the touch screen goes out. They have multiple slide out phones.

Can the sun damage your computer screen?

Yes, Ever put a magnifying glass in front of the sun? It might not be as mangnified but it can still screw it up bad