How do you fix a cracked fender?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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If it's cracked, it might be made of fiberglass, or plastic. Fiberglass patch or two part epoxy.

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Q: How do you fix a cracked fender?
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What is the approximate cost to fix a cracked fender and headlight that does not go in all the way on a 1993 Pontiac Firebird?

Prices for labor vary with what part of the country you live in. Call a couple of local body shops for extimates.

How can i fix cracked patent shoes?

how to fix cracks in patent leather

How do you fix you cracked sub woofer?

you cant fix it, you need to replace it.

How much is it to fix a cracked carburetor?

carburettor prices vary with different carburettors.but you cannot fix a cracked carb.u need to replace the carburettor

How do you fix a cracked head on a 98 town and country?

You can't fix a cracked head unless you can weld. it must be replaced with a new head.

In CA is a cracked windshield a fix it ticket or a moving violation?

In California, a cracked windshiled is a 'fix-it' ticket. Go to the nearest California Highway Patrol office to have the cracked windshield infraction signed-off.

What is a cheap way to fix the cracked screen of my Samsung Galaxy S II?

1. the cheap way to fix the cracked screen is to buy a repair kit on eBay.2. yes go buy the kit on ebay to fix the cracked screen it would be cheaper

Where can I send my Samsung galaxy S 4 to fix my cracked screen-?

You can send your Samsung galaxy S 4 back to the manufactures for cracked screen fix.

How do you fix a cracked wooden baseball bat?

with glue

Can you fix an internal cracked plasma tv?

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3 ways is to tape them, glue them, or have your mom spit on them -------------------------------- This is a good link for how to fix leather that has cracked. I'd recommend doing what the link recommends rather than 'taping, glueing, or having your mom spit on them', lol.

Can you fix a cracked head?

A machine shop may be able to repair the head but my advice is to replace a cracked head.