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The first step involves removing compleletely the door panel. Running the lower half and bottom are screws covered by approximelty one inch plates that pop off. Also screws in the arm reset and plate of the door handle must be removed. After removing all the screws holding the panel and poping the panel loose, it is puched upward and toward the rear of the vehicle. The entire window regulator is replaced as a unit. as simple as this piece looks it will cost over $100.00 dolars. The existing regulator is held in place by three hexhead bolts/screws attacged to the door and two hexhead attached to the lower porpotion of the window. After removing the screws, work the regulator out through the upper rear hole just below the door lock. The new regulator is replaced through the same hole. Be aware that it takes some time and patience to get the regulatlors in and out of the opening. IPY in Fresno

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Q: How do you fix a drivers side electric window on a 97 Honda Passport?
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