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You don't try to fix it, you get a new one.

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Q: How do you fix a drop side crib?
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Is the Delta Millennium Crib model 4860 recalled?

All drop side cribs are recalled. It is also illegal to sell them as of June 2011. You can call Delta at 1-800-377-3777 to get the kit to fix a drop side crib.Read more: Is_the_Delta_Millennium_Crib_model_4860_recalled

Were all drop side cribs recalled?

NO all drop side cribs were not recalled. The new law passed by government is that manufacturers can no longer produce a drop side crib. However, if a consumer has a drop side crib that is not under recall is still ok to use. Please refer to the website to determine if your crib is under recall. If not, then you should feel safe in using your crib with the drop side.

Which crib is better - with single drop side or double?

Double, so you never have to worry about how to place the crib.

Is it safe to leave your child in a crib by themselves at night?

It is safe to leave a child in a crib at night. As long as the child has not outgrown the crib and is still young enough that they have not figured out how to operate the drop down side it is perfectly safe.

What is the recall date for the PT Domusindo Perdana Drop Side Crib?

The first recall of the PT Domusindo Perdana Drop Side Crib occurred on 3/26/2013. In total, fourteen different models, most sold exclusively at JC Penny's, were recalled due to the cribs' sides malfunctioning, creating a situation where an infant could become entrapped, or accidentally role out of the crib.

Is the Delta 4852-1 crib on any recall list l?


Is there a recall on delta love crib 4520?

Yes there is. Depending on the year of the model you have as well as what country the crib was manufactured in. Go online and type in Delta Luv crib 4520 recall and it should tell you. I know one of the recalls is for the drop down side of the crib randomly dropping and possibly injuring the baby or someone else. Ex: if the railing falls on your foot.

The Dangers of Drop-Side Baby Cribs?

The Dangers of Drop-Side CribsProtecting children is instinctual for parents as they choose what to feed their children, what toys to play with, and nursery furnishings. While moms and dads do their best to make sure their home is a safe environment for baby and provide supervision as often as possible, sometimes the unexpected and unfortunate can happen.A baby's crib is the most expensive and time consuming purchasing decision parents can make for their babies. Is it big enough? Are the rails high enough? Can baby fall out or get stuck? Is it solid and stable? Is it safe to buy a used crib or accept a hand-me-down from a friend or a relative?It's an important decision because a baby spends more time in his crib than he does anywhere else in the house. Additionally, the baby spends this time largely unsupervised as Mom and Dad are sleeping in another room. While they undoubtedly have a baby monitor on to help them hear when baby is in trouble, sometimes, depending on the circumstances, hearing that baby is in trouble is still too late to prevent a serious injury.This is why, beginning in June, drop-side baby cribs will be illegal to sell in the United States, even by private citizens at garage sales and flea markets.The dangers of drop-side cribs have become well-known as more and more of them are recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission due to reported injuries and deaths associated with them. Drop-side cribs, while more convenient for parents to easily get their babies in and out of the crib, pose a risk to the safety of the baby sleeping or playing within.The drop-side of the crib, when lowered, is often very flimsy and easy to move around. If you have a drop-side crib in your house, pull on the bottom and see if it lifts outward like a wing. If it does, your baby runs the risk of falling between the railing and the mattress, suffocating and becoming trapped, crushed or strangled.If you have a drop-side crib, you should exchange it for a new, safer model crib from the manufacturer. However, inspect any crib provided at a hotel, and check the cribs at your child's daycare, if applicable, as they have 2 additional years to replace their drop-side cribs.

What is the size of crib bed?

The standard size for a crib bed is 52x27x6. If you are making crib sheets, allow 1/2" bigger or smaller on either side.

What safety hazards should I look for when deciding which crib would be best for my baby What is a good recommendation for a crib that I could purchase that would meet and exceed all safety standards?

A good idea would be to research crib models that have been recalled. Dorel brand cribs have recently been recalled because of a suffocation hazard; the drop-side of the crib is flimsily attached, and the child can roll down and get stuck between the mattress and the crib. I recommend the DaVinci Emily 4-in-1 convertible crib; it's one of the most positively reviewed cribs, plus it converts into a toddler bed.

How do I lower the mattress in my baby's Ragazzi crib?

CRIB ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS (OLD SYSTEM) WARNING FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE WARNINGS AND ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY TO THE CHILD. *READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ASSEMBLING CRIB. KEEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE USE. *BEFORE EACH USAGE OR ASSEMBLY, INSPECT CRIB FOR DAMAGED HARDWARE, LOOSE JOINTS, MISSING PARTS OR SHARP EDGES. DO NOT USE CRIB IF ANY PARTS ARE MISSING OR BROKEN. ASK YOUR DEALER OR WRITE TO RAGAZZI FOR REPLACEMENT PARTS AND INSTRUCTIONAL LITERATURE IF NEEDED. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE PARTS. DO NOT USE THIS CRIB FOR A CHILD WHO IS ABLE TO CLIMB OUT UNAIDED OR WHO IS TALLER THAN 35 INCHES (90 CM). *DO NOT PLACE CORDS, STRAPS OR SIMILAR ITEMS THAT COULD BECOME WOUND AROUND A CHILD'S NECK IN OR NEAR THIS CRIB. *IF REFINISHING, USE NON-TOXIC FINISH SPECIFIED FOR CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS. *DO NOT LEAVE CHILD IN CRIB WITH SIDE LOWERED. BE SURE SIDE IS IN RAISED AND LOCKED POSITION WHENEVER CHILD IS IN CRIB. *WHEN CHILD IS ABLE TO STAND IN CRIB, SET MATTRESS TO LOWEST POSITION AND REMOVE BUMPER PADS, LARGE TOYS AND OTHER OBJECTS THAT COULD SERVE AS STEPS FOR CLIMBING OUT. *NEVER USE PLASTIC SHIPPING BAGS OR OTHER PLASTIC FILM AS MATTRESS COVERS BECAUSE THEY CAN CAUSE SUFFOCATION. *DO NOT USE WATER MATTRESS WITH THIS CRIB. *REPLACE TEETHING RAIL IF DAMAGED OR LOOSE. *CAUTION: ANY MATTRESS USED IN THIS CRIB MUST BE AT LEAST 27-1/4 INCHES BY 51-3/8 INCHES WITH A THICKNESS NOT EXCEEDING 6 INCHES. IMPORTANT PARENTS SHOULD ENSURE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR THE CHILD BY CHECKING REGULARLY, BEFORE PLACING THE CHILD IN THE CRIB, THAT EVERY COMPONENT IS PROPERLY AND SECURELY IN PLACE. CRIB ASSEMBLY (SEE DIAGRAM ) CONTENTS: 2 end panels (headboard + footboard) (A), with 2 top long plastic glides (a) and 2 bottom metal glides (b); 1 stationary side rail (B); 1 drop side rail (C), with 2 top plastic guides (c) and 2 bottom locking mechanisms (d); 1 mattress support (D); 6 brass bolts; 1 Allan key; 4 hexagon bolts 1/2"; 8 metal washers (if required); 1 stabilizer bar (available only for certain models) (E). 2 metal pins STEP 1 Attach the stationary side rail (B) to end panels (A) with four brass bolts. Use Allan key provided. STEP 2 Attach the mattress support (D) to end panels (A) at desired position with the four 1/2" hexagon bolts. To change the position of mattress support (D), unscrew the four 1/2" hexagon bolts, line up mattress support (D) with holes at desired position and reattach it with the 1/2" hexagon bolts. STEP 2.1 (Applicable only for certain models). Attach the stabilizer bar (E) to end panels (A) by placing the metal pins in upper holes of bar and inserting in upper holes of ends. Secure bar using two brass bolts in lower holes of bar and end panels. NOTE: THE MATTRESS SUPPORT SHOULD BE AT THE HIGHER LEVEL WHEN CHILD IS BORN. IT SHOULD BE AT THE LOWER LEVEL BEFORE CHILD CAN STAND UP. STEP 3 INSTALLATION OF DROP SIDE (C) (see diagram) Lay crib on its side, on the ground; Remove rubber stoppers at bottom of metal glides (b) found on end panel (A); Slide drop side rail (C) in tracks all the way up; Re-insert the rubber stoppers on bottom metal glides (b); Be sure to tighten properly. STEP 4 CASTERS: Slip the four casters into inserts located inside holes of end panel (A). Press firmly to lock in place. DROP SIDE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: After the crib is assembled: raise the drop side to the upper or closed position. TO LOWER: Hold the center of the upper rail of the drop side with one hand. Raise the drop side (C) until it stops. With the drop side (C) held in this position, press against the bottom rail of the drop side (C) with your leg at the point marked "PUSH" on the plastic plate. Then lower the drop side (C) until it connects with the rubber stopper on the bottom metal glides (b). TO RAISE: Hold the center of the upper rail of the drop side with one hand. Lift the rail until drop side bottom locking mechanisms (d) snap in place. Crib drop side rail (C) is now closed and locked in place. ADDENDUM: Metal washers are to be used on crib only if there is a tension in the crib drop side rail (C). TO RELIEVE TENSION: 1) Remove drop side rail (C); 2a) WHEN TENSION IS PUSHING OUTWARD: Place metal washers between bottom metal glides (b) and headboard and footboard (A); 2b) WHEN TENSION IS PULLING INWARD: Place metal washers between stabilizer bar (E) and headboard and footboard (A): 3) Re-install drop side rail (C) DAY BED INSTRUCTIONS 1 - Remove drop side rail ( C ) as follow: Lay crib down on its stationary side rail. Remove rubber stoppers at bottom of metal glides (b) found on end panels (A) Slide drop rail (C) down the tracks. 2 - Re-insert the rubber stoppers on the bottom metal glides (b) 3 - Remove the plastic and metal glides (a & b) from end panels (A) 4 - Ensure that the mattress support (D) is in the lowest position. 5 - For safety reasons, stabilizer bar (E) must be installed in order for crib to be used as a

What is the safest crib?

Childsafe claims to be the world's safest crib with sliding doors replacing dangerous drop sides and see-through safety tested mesh in place of bars.