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Get a new car

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Q: How do you fix a leak on a windshield washer pump?
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How do you fix a dead windshield washer in your 1997 Toyota Camry LE?

Underneath the washer holding tank is the pump motor.

I have replaced the windshield wiper motor and the washer pump and my wipers still don't work how do i fix the windshield wipers on my 1969 Chevrolet Camaro?

check the fuses and relays

What can be done to fix a 1999 Ford Explorer that is having problems with the windshield washer fluid pump?

Replace the pump. Your local auto parts store will probably have one in stock.

How do you fix the windshield washer tubing on a 1998 sable?

Replace it with new tubing.

How do you fix leak in water pump housing?

Replace the water pump.

My windshield washer doesn't work how do I fix on 1996 Toyota tacoma?

First listen to see if the pump located in the windshield washer reservoir is actually working. If it is not running, check the fuse and wiring. If there is power to the pump and it will not work the pump is defective and needs replacing. If the pump is working, then check to make sure the hoses running to the windshield spay nozzles are connected and not broken. If they are check the nozzle orifice to make sure no wax has accumulated. Clean out the orifice with a small straight pin or needle.

How do you fix leak water pump in car?

You have to replace it. They are designed to leak when they are going bad.

Is there any quick fix for a water pump seal leak?


How do you fix windshield wiper air line leak on a 1986 freightliner truck?

Find the leak and repair it with a compression or push-in fitting.

How do you fix 2000 Jeep Cherokee sport windshield washer?

i would have to say to take it to a shop they can fix it for you spend the money its not a part to mess with

How do you fix a coolant leak in a 91 ltd crown Victoria?

Look for a leaking hose, water pump, or raditor find the leak and fix it.

How to fix Ford Escort washer pump?

Replace? It should be at the bottom of the reservoir

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