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If you are discussing the rear window you can go to this website he has some information on dealling with it.My wiring on mine was so bad I just bypassed allt he relays with a double pole double throw switch from radio shack.

To use this method you will need to wire a hot and a ground to the switch, and run a pair of wires back to the window motor. Once you have a wire conected to both poles of the motor the ends of the wire neat the switch will have to have a pair of Y's put into them and hooked to the switch so that you will get for example red hot and black ground for window up, and black hot red ground for window down. MAKE CERTAIN YOU PUT A CIRCUIT BREAKER IN LINE FROM YOUR POWER SOURCE the motor draws enough amps when it is stalled (at the full up or full down)to actually make the wires fairly. I am using a 30 amp circuit breaker from Autozone in my setup. The nice thing about a circuit breaker over a simpler and cheeper fuse is that the circuit breaker alows a quick spike in amperage withough blowing for the startup on the motor, and if it does trip, in about 10 seconds it will cool down.

I was not able to find one when I did it but you are better off with a momentary switch than one that will hold its position, once forgot the switch in the up position and came back to a dead batery.

Use this method at your own risk I am not responceable for any damages (but it worked fine for me)

2011-09-13 01:52:19
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