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this may sound crazy but crack about 2 or 3 eggs in it ,it worked in my 90 model escort.

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1997 Nissan pickup rough idle?

vacuum leak

Why my 1995 Nissan Altima radiator boils over?

water leak or bad thermostat

Transmission leak after replacing radiator and hoses on 1997 GM Yukon?

Cooling lines from transmission to radiator?

What would cause a anti-freeze leak on a 1997 grand am gt?

radiator leak. try adding " leak stop"

How do you fix a radiator leak on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier 4-cylinder automatic?

Remove the radiator and take it to a radiator shop.

How can you tell if antifreeze leak under hood of 2001 Nissan maxima is coming from radiator?

look for antifreeze coming out of the radiator as the engine warms up after a cold start.

What would cause a Radiator leak and a bad smell in the cab of 1997 ford f 250 pickup?

Coolant leak? Check your heater core.

Why do you have to constantly fill the antifreeze in your 1994 Nissan Quest?

you may have a loose seal or a pinhole leak i would get it checked out asap

What caused your new radiator to leak?

If the radiator was not fitted in properly or the pipes were not attached correctly, the radiator would leak.

Why would a 1997 Chevy cavalier leak coolant?

Leaking radiator radiator hose head gasket water pump Heater core thermostat housing

What to do if your 1997 Nissan Altima is leaking fuel?

The simple and really only answer I can give you is to find the leak and repair it.

Where does a 1997 sl1 leak coolant from?

Mostly untight hose clamps or a hairline crack on the radiator drives side. Coolant will also leak from a faulty water pump

Steam coming from around my radiator in a Nissan largo?

you have a leak in a hose or your radiator itself. Look for antifreeze dripping from under car while engine is running and hot enough for the fan to kick on.

Where does radiator fluid go?

Unless your radiator has a leak, the radiator fluid stays in the radiator.

Why would my 1997 jeep wrangler temperature gauge spike and themn show normal temp?

low coolant and/or radiator leak or maby a bad temp sensor low coolant and/or radiator leak or maby a bad temp sensor

What would cause an antifreeze leak in a 1997 Bonneville?

Either the radiator hose is loose where it connects to the radiator or there is either a small hole in the radiator or in the radiator hose. Try checking the hose to see if it's loose or check for small holes in the hose or radiator.

What are the signs of a bad radiator?

A bad radiator is a radiator that is leaking or clogged. If you are loosing coolant then you have a leak that should be easy to find if the leak is at the radiator. If it is clogged your engine will overheat.

How do you fix a water leak under intake on 1995 Nissan quest gxe?

replace leaking part and or the gasket where the leak is occuring. check all hoses to make shure its not leaking from the hose

What should I use to repair a radiator leak?

You can use Radiator Stop Leak as a quick temporary fix.

How do you know if it is a radiator leak?

For radiator leaks look for the following signs: The car will overheat Coolant level will frequently drop Pool of coolant or water under the car radiator Obvious leak noted from radiator on starting the car Faulty radiator cap causing the leak

Where would a 1995 Nissan Maxima leak coolant?

Mine is leaking around the seals right at the top of the radiator. There is coolant present in a radius in that area

Cooling system leak on a 1999 Lincoln Town Car?


Why would antifreeze leak from the radiator?

There may be a hole in the radiator?

How do you repair a raditor leak 97 Oldsmobile cutlass?

Remove the radiator and replace it or have it repaired by a professional radiator repair shop. Go to Autozone buy STOP LEAK and pour it in the radiator or they have GLUE for leak problem.

Why is white smoke coming out from under your hood on the drivers side and in the front?

Because you have a coolant leak. More than likely, from your description, it is a leak in the radiator or radiator hose. Do not let your vehicle overheat. Have this repaired ASAP.Because you have a coolant leak. More than likely, from your description, it is a leak in the radiator or radiator hose. Do not let your vehicle overheat. Have this repaired ASAP.