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The Nissan Quest is a minivan produced by Nissan since 1993. It was a successor to the Nissan Axxess and Nissan Vanette. The fourth-generation Nissan Quest features a continuously variable transmission and a 3.5L VQ series engine with 260hp.

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What kind of oil is recommended for a 2006 Nissan Quest?

The factory recommended engine oil viscosity for a 2006 Nissan Quest is 5W30. You'll need about 4.5 quarts.

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What could be wrong if a 1984 Ford F-150 stalls when starting?

Stalling ProblemsAre there any vacuum leaks? Inadequate fuel reaching carb, or carb not functioning properly.

If it sounds like it wants to start but dies when you let go of the key, it may have a bad ballast resister or Resister wire as when it is in the start position it by passes those items and when it is released to the on position it no longer by passes them so if it is bad the truck won't start..........................................

or it could be a bad power valve it sits on the under side of your carb looks like a big nut that has a fuel hose that goes to it this will cause you to have starting issues n you'll have to keep pumping the gas to get it to stay runing till its primed its fuel line up if you stop for more that 10 minutes you have to start the pumping thing again this is a easy fix save your starter n battery at the same time .....

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How do you change antifreeze in a 1998 Nissan Quest when you cannot seem to find the drain plug?

The drain plug is on the bottom of the radiater but the best way to change it is to have it profesionally flushed

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How to locate and fix broken Wiper motor on 97 Quest?

it is under and behind wipers lift wipers away from window and remove don't worry will only go back right way on the gears. vented looking plastic that goes under wipers must be removed Phillips screws and popout plastic pins i broke mine you will be able to see complete wiper assembly with motor 3or 4bolts will remove entire wyper system i baught it all at junk yard 50.dollars not a hard job hope this helps

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Why would your '92 Buick LeSabre suddenly stop after driving it for a while but the lights and radio remain on?

Overheating Computer ChipI had a 1991 Buick Regal that did the same thing. The control chip (computer) was overheating and when it became too hot, the car would just stop.

More than likely the alternator went. Once an alternator dies, the car has to run off the battery to power everything in the cab, as well as the spark plugs and other things for the engine compartment. When the battery gets too low to run the engine any more, obviously the engine would stop running, however the battery isn't completely dead, so it might still power the lights, radio, windows, etc.the topstall or no start problems for buick fuel pump fails when hot next the electronic spark conrpl module bad circuit fails when hot then may restart when cooled off next cam or cranshaft position sensor failure these parts had very high failure rate that buick replaced them out of warantee for some time. also fuel pump wiring in fuel tank have a electrical connector problem that causes power connector to melt

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How many quarts of oil does a 1999 Nissan Quest van need?

Siguro Albert mga 5 ang laman.

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How do you replace the alternator on a Chevy Malibu?

It depends on what model you have, but most are the same.

Disconnect the battery! Loosen the tensioner for the serpentine belt and pull the belt off the alternator pulley. Remove the bolt holding the alternator at the 4:00 o'clock position
Remove the nut at the right rear side of the alternator
Remove the bolt at the next to it nearer you. All bolts have 15mm heads, but you're going to need a deep well socket to get the nut off. Pull out the alternator and remove the plug from it and also remove the red wire attached to the back. You're going to need a 13mm socket and a 13mm flat wrench. Replace the alternator by reversing the steps above. Reattaching the serpentine belt is a pain.

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Where can you find the Factory stereo wiring diagram 94 Nissan quest?

Buy the HAYNES REPAIR MANUAL for the MERCURY VILLAGER and NISSAN QUEST (1993-1998)from any auto parts store and look on page 62 in section 12. If I knew how I would post the diagram for you. Maybe I'll try it later.

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What car parts are needed for tune up?

Depending on vehicle, your normal tune-up usually consists of spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor rotor cap and button, air filter, and fuel filter, oil filter and new oil.

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Why does it sound like a bird chirping - squealing under the hood on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

Found IT! I just had this problem with my 2002 Taurus. It was a constant chirping that was fairly loud, and would speed up with engine speed, and never go away.

It turns out that the engine in my car has a (I believe I have the name correct) camshaft sensing device. When it goes bad, it's because the shaft sits in a bushing, and the bushing has worn out. The mechanic told me Ford used these only on this car, and a truck. Why they used a bushing instead of a bearing makes no sense to me.

If you get a cam sensor code, consider if you've been hearing a squeak noise like a belt chirp that doesn't go away when you replace the belt. If so, use a prybar or similar tool to press down on the synchro. If the noise goes away replace both the sensor and the synchro.

Depending on the mileage, it's fairly certain you need to replace the belt. If the mileage is fairly high, it would be a good idea to replace the belt tensioner at the same time.

The tensioner is a spring-loaded pulley that keeps tension on the belt and it, too, wears down in time.

That would be the Synchronizer Assembly. Its actually a "dummy distributor" that's located under the throttle body, under the black, wide flat wiring harness cover.

The cam position sensor is mounted on top of the assembly. Its a major chore to change out and really needs to be fixed before it seizes up and does more damage.

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Where is the fan speed resistor on a Nissan Quest van and how do you replace it?

It is location on the passager side under the glove compartment. You can get to it bu removing the blower cover locating directly under the glove compartment. After removing the cover, you will find couple of screws securing it to the blowing housing. Good luck. It should take 10-15 min to do this.

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Why is there no warm air coming out regardless of how long your 1999 Nissan Quest engine has been running?

the water pump has failed-replace the water pump and you will have your heat back,the finns are prone to rusting off

another possibility is that the switch that opens heater core to let in heat is broken. also check antifreeze level. if it is too low u will not get heat.

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How do you replace a knock sensor in a 1995 Nissan Quest and where is it located?

Its underneath the intake manifold on the left side of the engine (passenger side).

This is what killed me with the Quest.

In Atlanta, we live under the obligation to do emissions checks. When this little part failed, it costs a bundle just to get it replaced. More than what its worth.

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Where is the knock sensor on a 99 Nissan Quest?

It is behind the intake manifold on the left side of the engine. It will take almost 6 hours to replace this cheesy part ($120) and cost about $500 in labor alone.

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What do you need to do to get the cruise control working on a 2000 Nissan Quest?

My front left (driver's side) brakes caught on fire and my cruise control hasn't worked since. You might want to check the connection from the cruise control to the brakes....

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What order do the spark plug wires go on a 1994 Nissan Quest Xe?

Firing order

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How do you adjust the throttle position sensor on a Nissan Quest?

i dont know

i have no friend to help me out

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How to change air filter on 2001 quest?

Hello: You must first remove the battery. There is a clip on the front side of the battery that holds the bottom rim of the battery down. Unscrew the nut, remove the clip and slide the battery up and out. (First disconnect the cables) Then, there are four clips that hold the lid of the air cleaner compartment to the base. Unsnap these and the top comes off. Careful, the clips can fall off and are hard to reistall. Remove the old filter, and clean out the compartment, remove dust and dirt, and install new filter. Reverse the above steps and you are done.

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How do you replace an oxygen sensor in a 1995 Nissan Quest?

It is very easy to find. It is at cat. inlet. you can see it from the top when you open the hood.

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Who is the Asian actress in the 2011 Nissan Quest commercial?

This actress name is Jeanne Chin.

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2004 Nissan Quest what is code p1212?

TCS communication line - ECM can not receive the information from "ABS actuator and electric unit (control unit)" continuously.

Possible Causes:
Harness or connectors (The CAN communication line is open or
ABS actuator and electric unit (control unit).
Dead (Weak) battery

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How do you remove the tailight on a 2004 Quest?

1) Open the Tailgate. 2) Remove the two screws/bolts (one near the top of the lens assembly, one below; the only two (2) screws in the assmebly). 3) At this point you'll see that the assembly is loose. 4) Pull the assembly straight back (toward the bumper). After the two (2) screws are removed, the only thing holding in the assembly is a slightly, pressed fit of two alignment pins.

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Where is the radiator drain plug for a 1999 Nissan Quest?


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Where can you get photos showing how to change the water pump on a 1994 Nissan Quest?

I recommend Haynes Repair Manual. I just done one this weekend. It is pretty standard stuff. Lots of taking apart stuff. Manual # is 64200. It is the same as a Mercury Villager.

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How do you repair the dash light when it is out on the right side only?

I have a 1999 VW Passat and had the passenger side dash lights go out. I had to get new vents for that side believe it or not as they are connected in some way.


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