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How do you fix a serpentine belt on a Chrysler LeBaron?


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you dont fix serpentine belts. you replace them. open hood, although it is easier to reach the belt tensioner from under the car, you will need to route the belt from above. Take the tension off the belt tensioner (a breaker bar or rachet and the proper size socket with a pipe to give ya more leverage should work) and pull the belt while the tensioner is pulled away from the belt. to put new belt on, properly follow accesorie pulleys with new belt, leaving the tensioner pulley last once that far, take your breaker bar or rachet with proper size socket... and pull the tensioner away from the belt so that you can slip the belt over the tensioner, push the belt over pulley. release the tensioner and check to make sure the belt is seated properly on all pulleys. Wahlah

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The last Chrysler LeBaron was in 1995. Please check the year and ask a new question.

Chrysler has a belt and pulley kit to fix the problem. it removes the smooth surfaced pulleys and replaces them with grooved pulleys. the new belt is grooved on both sides

Either the belt is worn out or the tensioner is defective.

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You need to make sure that the pulleys are all running in a straight line.

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At a dealer... 60 for the belt, about 100 to put it on

Disconnect the battery.Remover the serpentine belt.Unbolt the belt tensioner from the bracket.

Go to your local Chrysler dealer parts department and ask them if they can print a picture of it for you. Their catalog will show the belt routing when they look up the drive belt. i just did one ,i went to the local auto parts store and asked for a copy of their belt book diagram. 9 times out of 10 they are free and a great way to fix it yourself.

The tension pulley that is on it has no grooves, it is a engineering mistake that never was recalled or improved; there was an aftermarket one that had grooves on it, more expensive and probably more difficult to get the belt on. I am going through the same problem on a Chrysler 3.0. Try using some belt dressing on the inside of the belt. I heard that the Goodyear Gator Belt is the best serpentine belt, though I have not tried it.

Spray hairspray on the belt if it is making the noise or replace the belt or the pulley if its making the noise.

its most likely your serpentine belt, sometimes you can fix it with some belt dressing, try spraying some on there before you replace the belt

1. Make sure that when you purchase a new belt, they don't try to sell you the full size serpentine belt. 2. There is a diagram of the belt routing on your truck when you lift the hood. Follow that. 3. Unfortunately, you need to remove the serpentine belt to replace the air conditioning belt.... the belt routing for the serpentine belt is also shown on the diagram. 4. To remove the serpentine belt, get a ratchet set, and crank the "self tensioning" assembly to release tension on the serpentine belt, and remove the belt. 5. There is another "self tensioning" assembly for the air conditioning belt. Crank to place the new AC belt on and release. 6. Re-install the serpentine belt. This is an easy fix... it took me less than 20 minutes, I'm not a mechanic.

These belts are not repairable. When worn, replace with a new one.

With engine off try putting a small dab of silicone grease on each side of the belt. It works for me.


No, the belt can be accessed with a serpentine belt tool from underneath. On the 2001,there is an inspection cover that is located in the front right passenger wheel well. You will have to pull the wheel to get to this panel if working on the ground which allows plenty of room to reach idler pulley & to route belt. As mentioned before,you will need the serpentine belt tool cause it's a very tight fit..& don't forget your jack stand/stands for safety reasons

no.. just get one outta a junker... its either the speedo cable itself or the dash clock.. either way neither can be fixed

Speed sensors are not user serviceable parts. The sensor needs to be replaced, and is usually either screwed in or bolted on making the replacement easy.

Not recommended. The water pump runs off of the timing belt, if the belt fails the valves can bend.

Could be a couple causes for this: * the tensioner may need replacing - not keeping enough tension on the "S" belt * worn (stretched) serp belt - replace ~ every 50 or 60k miles.

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