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I JUST had this problem in my 2003 (4?) cavalier Two things may be going wrong w/ it

1.) The actual mechanism of the mechanical clasp on the trunk door is busted-in this case u will need to replace it

2.) You need to pull the green safety lock handle on the inside to release the mechanism.

3.) The metal eye/latch/hook/thingy attached to the actual body of the cars bumper has been pushed down (the metal bent slightly) just enough that it cannot trigger the mech. clasp.

Solution (less than professional/scientific) Get your tire iron out of the trunk, and use it as a lever to raise the metal eye (bend the metal) until it will reach the clasp again. I popped a rivet in the metal doing this, however the trunk does close now Gonna get a mechanic to weld it back and make it sturdier

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Q: How do you fix a trunk latch on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier?
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