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I think that you would have better luck contacting the manufacturer and seeing if you can get some replacements. I have a tent that had the poles damaged in the wind and the only way that I could use the tent again is to fix the poles or to buy new ones. I can't fix the poles so the tent stays in the bag. But since you are talking about a pop up camper it would be a waste to not use it again. I would try to find a metal shop in your area that works with aluminum. (I'm assuming they are aluminum) I'm sure that they could make you some new ones. A good metal worker can make just about anything. Good luck! Don't give up. If you can't get replacements I'm sure that someone could make you some new ones.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-19 16:27:32
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Q: How do you fix bent roof supports on a tent trailer trailer was caught in a wind storm - the supports are square tubing that retract into one another?
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