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Bust out the concrete, fix the pipe and pour new concrete. No way around it.

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Q: How do you fix crack in clay sewer pipe under concrete?
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How do you repair a collapsed clay sewer pipe without digging?

You repair a collapsed clay sewer pipe without digging by Pipe pulling.

What are sewers made out of?

Depending on what kind of sewer, its age, and the utility owner (Storm Sewer, Gravity Sewer, Sewer Forcemain). - Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe (PVC) - Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) - Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) - High Density Polyethelyne (HDPE) - Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe - Asbestos Cement - Clay - Steel

Inside diameter of 8 clay sewer pipe?


When was clay sewer pipe discontinued?

It is NOT discontinued in many areas

How to connect a clay sewer line to abs?

Mission adapter

Inside diameter of 8 inch clay sewer pipe?


Inside diameter of 6 clay tile sewer pipe?


How much is 6in sewer clay pipe?

Installed $490 per ft

Replacing a clay sewer pipe your self.?

Yes, no problem I did it many times

Inside diameter of clay sewer pipe?

Diameter of clay sewer pipe are dependent on the manufacturer and the nominal diameter of the pipe (generally ranging from 4" to 30"). For one manufacturer's specifications see:

Who will sink first clay boat or wood boat?

concrete type clay boat

Why are Roots a problem for sewer lines?

Root damage can cause extensive damage to your home itself. Once the sewer lines have been compromised, many problems can occur within the home. The water supply can be interrupted and floor drains and toilet can back up, potentially causing flooding or damage to appliances. No type of sewer line is immune to roots. Clay pipes, the most common kind of pipe in older water and sewer systems, are the most susceptible to root damage. Roots will penetrate any crack, hole, or poorly sealed joint in a sewer line. Concrete and PVC pipes are less susceptible to root intrusion but are not root-proof. Once roots penetrate the line, they can exert considerable pressure on the pipe, which then must be repaired or replaced.

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