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The following link has instructions, diagrams and pictures showing how to make this repair easily and inexpensively:

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Q: How do you fix door latch on trunk of 2000 Toyota Sienna?
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What is the part number for Toyota Sienna 2000 trunk latch opener?


Can't get the rear door latch to open in our 2000 Toyota Sienna?

hi please show how do i replace the Toyota seinna 2000 front handle door thanks Andy

How do you replace a starter in a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

How to replace a starter in a 2009 toyota sienna

How do you remove Toyota Sienna 2000 windshield water reservoir?

how do you remove a toyota sienna 2000 windshield water reservoir tank.

Trunk latch on a 2000 Ford Focus?


What is the maximum towing capacity of the 2003 Toyota Sienna?

The maximum tosing capacity of the 2003 Toyota Sienna is 2000 lbs..

How do you remove the engine from 2000 Toyota Sienna?

from the top

Why won't the trunk button work on an 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue?

check out the selinoid on the trunk latch

Where is the Fuse for headlight in Toyota Sienna 2000?

The fuses for 2000 Toyota Sienna is located in the engine compartment. The fuses are labeled as slot 12 and 13 and are rated at 15 amps.

Where is the door trunk lock receiver at on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

It's mounted on the Trunk Lid Latch.....

How do you remove front bumper of 2000 Toyota Sienna?


Does Toyota Sienna 2000 have cabin air filter?

Yes it does.

What should it cost to replace 2004 Toyota sienna catalytic converter?

I was just quoted $2000 (parts and labor) for my 2000 Toyota Sienna, but that was including the pipes before and after the cat conv. Hope that helps. I was just quoted $2000 (parts and labor) for my 2000 Toyota Sienna, but that was including the pipes before and after the cat conv. Hope that helps.

Where is the vehicle speed sensor located on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?


What is the fuel tank capacity of a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

20.9 gal

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on 2000 Toyota Sienna?

in the engine compartment

How do you repair a broken rear door latch-handle on a 1998 Toyota Sienna?

It is impossible. Buy a new one. Don't waste your time! I found a good fix @ Please contact Toyota (phone number in your owner manual) to document this defect, the more complaints they receive, the better the chance of a recall. A more complete URL to the page referenced in the second answer is ... I used that successfully to repair the broken rear door latch on my 2000 Toyota Sienna. ("Buy a new one" is ~$65. I made the repair with tools and screws lying around the house in about an hour's time. Repair at the dealer reportedly is ~$300.)

What is the towing capacity of a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

2000 lbs, 3500 lbs with tow package

2000 Toyota Sienna driver power window motor failure how to remove?

How do you remove and replace the motor for the drivers side power window in a 2000 Sienna

How do you correct engine code p1150 on a 2000 Toyota Sienna le?


Does the 2000 Volkswagen Passat have the LATCH safety system?

As far as I can see, because I crawled into the trunk to open the trunk so I could repair the mechanism that opens the trunk. No!

How do you turn trunk light off when latch is broken in a 2000 kia rio?

Remove the bulb.

Can you drive your 2000 Toyota Sienna with a bad oxygen sensor?

can you safely drive a 2000 camery with bad sensors

What is the firing order on a coil pack 2000 Toyota Sienna?

there is none. they fire randomly

What size is the nut that holds the front brake rotors on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?