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Replace the caliper, it is probably stuck. Take the brake pads off and check the wear pattern. If you are unable to tell take them to the autoparts store, they should be able to help.

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How do you fix a bent rear wheel hub of a 1992 Toyota Previa?

if its the hub it self then its a axle change.

How do you fix the tail light on a Toyota Previa?

lift tailgate and look for two screws and remove them, and then turn the bulb housing right and oull out

Fix noisy rear brakes on Toyota Highlander?

You first must be assured that the brake pads and discs are not in need of replacement.

How do you fix brakes on a 2002 cl 500?

how do you fix brakes on a 2002 Cl 500 Benz

How do you fix a cigarette lighter that does not work on a 1997 Toyota Previa?

check the fuses,if it has currents,,and still don't work, then replace the cigarret coil lighter that you use to light up the cigarrete with

The passenger side windscreen wiper on a 95 Toyota Previa has stopped working but the driver side is fine how can you fix it?

if you can manually move it with you hands them u need to tighten the nut on the arm

Why are your rear brakes squeaking if you just had the pads and rotors for both the front and back?

If it is a Toyota, they do not know how to fix the squeaking brakes either. Even after replacing all the pads and machining the rotors and rear drums

Do you know where they fix automobile brakes?

There are a number of places that fix brakes. Midas is one of the most well know places, but there are also local companies who can change your brakes.

How do you fix rear brakes on 1975 Pontiac Firebird?

Will require more specifics, what part you want to fix in the rear brakes?

How do you fix squealing brakes on a Toyota Sienna?

Change the brake pads. I have had good luck with PBR Deluxe and PBR Metalmaster. They are quieter and dust a lot less.

1992 Toyota Previa Oil light?

busted oil pressure sensor or oil level is already low - add more engine oil. try to fix the leak if the oil drips on a fast rate.

How much will it cost me to fix my brakes?

I would assume it will cost anywhere from $100- $300 to fix your car brakes. Because they are an important part of your car it can be expensive to fix them .

How do you fix brakes that dont work after putting on new pads?

bleed brakes

How fix shoes dragging brakes dodge van?

I am working on this myself right now. I have replaced the master cylinder, lines, shoes, and calipers. The problem persists. I am going to try sanding and lubing the ways on the calipers today. There is nothing else to fix. I found an article in a Dodge forum that suggested this in the most detailed fix i have found.

How do you fix jammed brakes on a mountain bike?

You find out what is jamming them and fix it.

Where can you find good step by step instructions to replace the front brakes on a 1993 Toyota Celica ST?

no but you're best of getting a mechanic to fix it hope this helps

How do you fix locked up brakes?

Are you talking about seized brakes? As in the wheels no longer turn because the brakes are stuck? or.......?

1992 Toyota Previa sputters while idling?

if u take off the egr valve and tap it it on something to knock out the carbon built up inside ,and put it back on, its a free fix,just the labor involved

How do you stop the low oil light from flashing 1992 Toyota Previa?

It may be a bad sensor or just needs an oil change. If you have done this and it's still flashing, unhook the cables from the battery to reset it. Hopefully this will fix it.

Toyota Previa 1991 how do you fix knocking engine problem?

Try and get someone to read the ECU codes, that will tell you if the problem is from the "Knock Sensor". If it is you will need to buy a new one and replace it. They are very expensive and can only be got from a Toyota Dealer. To fit your self Drill a hole under the front seat(Directly above the sensor) and replace from there. If you dont want to drill a hole you will have to drop the engine and that is not a cheap option on a previa.

How do I fix my car brakes?

whats wrong with them?

If your right rear tire locks up on your 1997 Pontiac Grand Am Sport Edition the instant you hit the break how do you fix the problem?

Try bleeding the brakes all the way around the car. Check to make sure that the brake is not dragging.

How do you fix heating problem in 1992 Toyota Previa on heating mode fan blow only cold air.Any suggestion to fix it yourself?

Sounds like "heater core" is shot-any coolant leaks inside the car coming from under the dash?, Have check, replaced. Or could just be an air lock in coolant system, which is better easy fix.

Why are honda civic brakes hard and how can I fix them?

You will need to change the brakes and rotors on the Honda Civic to see if that fixes them. If not, take the car to a mechanic and have them fix the problem.

Can you drive your car if all 4 calipers are seized?

Very doubtful. If they're seized and won't operate, you'll have no brakes. If by some means, they seized in the operated position, the car won't move, or if it does, will be dragging the brakes. Just fix 'em. I highly recommend NOT trying to drive the car. There are serious safety issues at stake here.

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