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if you havent tried it yet i would say to get a new av wire.

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โˆ™ 2005-12-14 21:25:38
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Q: How do you fix garbled audio on a Sharp Linytron 13 inch?
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Is a 2.5 mm audio plug the same as a one eighth inch audio plug?

no, 1/8" plug is 3.5mm audio plug.

What sizes are sharp aquos tvs available in?

The Sharp Aquos TV is the leading edge in TV technology. Many sizes are available. These include: the 42 inch, the 46 inch, the 60 inch, the 70 inch, and even an enormous 80 inch. With these choices, every TV lover can be mollified.

Is the optical intput on a JVC 42 inch for audio only or both audio and video?

The optical input on a TV is used for transmission of digital audio, in SPDIF format between devices, only.

Where can one purchase a Sharp Aquos 46 inch television?

Researching the Sharp Aquos 46 inch television has shown that this can be purchased from Best Buy. One can also find this television on site such as Amazon, Overstock and eBay.

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What are the top five 52 inch LED TV's on the currently on the market?

The top five on the market with a 52 inch led can be: Samsung PN50B850, Panasonic TX-P50G30B, Samsung PS51D6900, Sharp LC-46LE831E and Sharp LC-46LE831E.

Where can you find a replacement 6 inch sub for 1995 ford explorer limited?

Well, i got mine replaced with a 6 inch JL Audio subwoofer. U can by 1 at a local car audio shop that is an authorized dealer. its about 80 bucks or so and will need to adjust the wiring( just ask the audio people to do it its easy). hope that helps.

What are the slots on a MacBook Pro?

It depends on which model. The 13 inch has a MagSafe power port, gigabit Ethernet port, one FireWire 800 port (up to 800 Mbps), Mini DisplayPort, two USB 2.0 ports (up to 480 Mbps), SD card slot, audio in/out, Kensington lock slot. The 15 inch has the same, but in place of the audio in/out there is a Audio line in and a audio line out. The 17 inch is similar to the 15 inch except instead of two USB 2.0 ports there are three and in place of an SD card slot is an ExpressCard/34 slot. It's all on the Apple website.

Does the Sony - 200W 2-Ch. Audio Receiver come with a 1/4-inch headphone plug?

The Sony - 200W 2-Ch. Audio Receiver has a 1/4-inch headphone jack that allows you to plug headphones into it.

How long will my HDMI cable need to be if i get a 50 inch plasma tv?

The distance from your monitor to your audio video equipment

What brands make 37 inch televisions?

Many television brands make 37 inch models. Some of the most notable manufacturers of 37 inch televisions include Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, LG, and Sharp.

What companies manufacture 50 inch LCD TVs?

Some companies that manufacture 50 inch LCD TVs include Sharp, Samsung, Sanyo and LG. These 50 inch televisions are now available in the LED versions.

What are speaker sizes for Mazda B2200?

Four inch for the two front speakers mounted in the dash.Six and a half inch for the rear if you have a cabplus truck.Any audio store will have your specs for what will fit in most cases.

What are 3 common connectors used in audio production?

1/4 inch (6.3mm) jack plug 1/8 inch (3.5mm) jack plug BNC plug Phono plug.

Where can I purchase a sharp 42?

You can purchase a Sharp 42 inch television set by going to your local Walmart, Best Buy, or Sears. These stores stock a wide variety of other TVs to compare them to.

Does Sharp make a 52" LED TV?

Yes Sharp does in fact offer a 52 inch TV. Along with the LED TV, they also have a Plasma TV and will soon have a 3D TV as well.

Where can someone purchase 10 inch car speakers?

You can purchase 10 inch car speakers at any car accessory or audio retailers. They can sell you car speakers and other miscellaneous items and accessories.

Where do you plug a rca phono into a 40 inch Samsung D5000 tv?

If you want an audio output from the TV to connect to a home theater receiver or other amplifier, you will have to use the optical digital audio output or Audio Return Channel through the HDMI connectors. Those are the only outputs on this TV.

Why does the sound on Samsung 42 inch LCD cut in and out?

Please check the Audio circuit on your Samsung LCD 42 main board. may be a dry solder or a lose jack. please check all on the audio circuit.

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What are some companies that manufacture a 26 inch LCD television?

There are a wide variety of companies that manufacture 26 inch LCD televisions. Magnavox, Vizio, Sharp, and Samsung, for example, each manufacture this product.

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A 12 inch, 1500 watts enclosed car audio subwoofer.e.g kicker 08DS12L72 Dual