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Run a new cold supply line from the source. This will drain less pressure from the the cold shower line.

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HOW do you fix a toilet that sprays water out of the bowl when flushed?

turn the pressure down at the toilet flush valve

How do you fix When you flush the toilet the shower water gets hot?

Install a new pressure balancing valve in shower which helps with problem.

When plumbing a bathroom what causes the shower to get hotter when the toilet is flushed?

Because by flushing the toilet while using the shower, you have removed some of the water pressure on the cold side. This decreases the amount of water flowing to the shower head. Therefore changing the mix more toward the hot side. Answer this is also due to incorrect pipe size installation of cold piping. increasing the pipe sizing will solve the problem Installing a "pressure balanced" shower valve will fix the problem as well.

What do you do when toilet water is coming out of the tub when the toilet is flushed?

think the drain may be slightly blocked. Your best bet is to call a plumber now to fix it. If you leave it too long you may have toilet water coming up in other areas in your house. You can try to fix it yourself but most of the chemical treatments don't do a lot.

When you flush the toilet the shower drips how do you fix?

You can change the seals on your shower to ensure that you don't have a leak. You can also make sure that your fixtures are firmly attached to the shower head.

How can you fix no hot water in the shower?

You repair or replace the shower control unit.

Why does the toilet in the back part of the house overflow when the toilet in the front part of the house is flushed?

Someone installed the plumbing wrong. Instead of the water going down into the main lead, it's taking the other toilets route and flooding over, an easy fix unless you have to tear up the floor.

How do you fix a shower with no hot water?

You either replace or fix the diverter behind the shower control. It's often just a broken seal jamming the pipe.

What would cause dirty water to jettison from toilet?

A broken seal would cause dirty water to jettison from a toilet. A plumber can fix it.

How do I fix my shower faucet?

Remove the shower head and clean out anything that might be blocking it, such as hair or debris. Replace the shower head and turn on the water; the water should be running.

What causes household plumbing to 'groan' when the toilet is flushed?

If this noise occurs after shutting off a fixture (e.g., shower or sink), I'd pop the lid on the toilet tank and check there. Sometimes, this type of noise occurs when water pressure is reduced somewhere else, causing the fill valve to open slightly and howl like a foghorn. So, after shutting off the water and hearing the noise, pull up on the toilet tank float to see if it stops. If it does, replacing the fill valve will fix it.if still problem persist call for plumbing repair service.

What causes sewer odors from room below bathroom when toilet is flushed?

Probably leaky drain pipe form toilet which passes through that room. Work out which corner of that room is below the toilet, you will probably see a swelling in the wall where the drain pipe is hidden. Call a plumber and get him to fix it.

When toilet is flushed upstairs the sink drain in kitchen downstairs gurgles why and how can I fix this?

What you probably need to do is snake out the vents. You probably have debris in them.1- you may have a slight blockage2- Poor venting and water Jetting will scour the piping rather then rodding

Why would water drain from the toilet bowl?

Water would drain from the toilet bowl if there is a crack in the lower part of the toilet. You would possible see water or signs of damp around the base. There is unfortunately no 'fix' for a crack in a porcelain bowl. If this is the cause then you need anew toilet.

What is the fix for when you flush the toilet while in the shower the water gets hot?

New pressure balance faucet or you can install a pressure balance valve in the water lines behind tub or if you have a crawl space you can install it on the water lines there. But install only too the lines to tub faucet. And they are not easy no matter where you install. I would just tell everyone not to use any water till you are done with shower.

How do you keep your toilet from sweating?

Either termper the water or fix the leak causing the sweating

Why is the hot water pressure low only in the bathtub and the shower head?

The hot water side of your tub and shower diverter is plugging up. Replace the cartridge to fix the problem.

Why does water leak through my ceiling when my shower is running and not when you fill the tub?

the shower and bath water comes from two different places so their is two different pipes. Get the shower pipe checked out by a plummer and they cause fix the pipe.

How do you fix the clogged shower on virtual families?

Drag them to the red boxes in the workroom , they will automatically fix the shower

Your toilet bubbles when flushing and drains slowly?

Toilets that bubble when flushed and drain slowly can be cause by different things, such as port holes that are clogged, a clogged drain line, the tank has a low water level, or a problem in the vent pipe. A plumber can check for the specific problem and fix it.

Will a commercial water softener fix the hard water in my shower?

From what I have seen from commercials, it should fix the hard water problem especially if you use a well. They showed people putting salt into the hot water heaters.

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