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How do you fix static on AM car radio?


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You need to make sure that your antenna is fully extended. You also need to drive away from power lines.


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Could be a wire crossing in the speakers, the radio itself might be bad. Does it do it all the time? Speakers might be blown. Or, your antenna lead is not plugged into the rear of the radio. Is it radio static, or does it have static on cd/tape as well?

When the radio in a Hyundai XG300 becomes all static, it is possible that the antenna is damaged. It could also be possible that the antenna is loose on the back of the radio.

AM radios are based on the principle of sound waves being sent through the air. If the AM radio station has static, you may wish to move to a new area where reception is better.

AM radio is naturally has more static than FM. But if it has so much static that the really powerful or local stations are fizzy, that means you need a better antenna.

Radio static letters : "EMI"

it depends on the car or the radio or they way it was fix.

my radio has static in it an i put another one in it an it still has static in it to.

Go to Radio SHack . Radio shack has parts and upgrades to fix any Zip Zap

Check your wiring. It sometimes interferes with other wires

Static occurs when a radio loses its signal (which is the reason for antennae).

A car antenna booster is used to 'boost' the radio waves of the car's antenna. This is usually used to improve radio quality and reduce static that might be heard.

Because static electricity is in the car frame and if you touch the car you will get a static shock.

If you jump started it without pulling the radio fuze, you fried it. It can be repaired for about 200.00 through Radio Sound if you haven't already tried to fix it.

turn it off oimmediatley and wait 10-20 minutes before turning on again or just change the station

By any chance have your battery cables been off ? If so , all the radio preset channels have to be reprogrammed

There are a few possible causes. If the static changes with engine revs then you have a suppression issue. If the noise is general regardless of whether the engine is running then you need to look at the antenna or the radio itself. Ignition noise will typically produce a "tic, tic, tic" sound on the radio and is likely to be due to arcing around the HT leads or distibutor. The alternator can produce a whining noise if the suppressor is bad. The antenna can perform badly if it is damaged or if its earth connection to the car bodywork does not make a good electrical contact. If you think it might be your radio try substituting another.

it may ,you should change to a different channel on the cordless if it has this option

Yes, radio static is a sort of afterglow fro the big bang, and can be detected in every direction in the universe.

DOES Radio shack fix earphones? hardly.

It depends on wwhat ind of car you have, On some it is on the coil and others it is inside the dist cap.

You should not experience any static with your Sirius Radio if it is properly installed.

Bang on itStop the car and start is back up againKeep the radio on but turn it down to low, unhearable volume.That's all I can think of.....Hope that helps!

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