What are radio static letters?

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Radio static letters : "EMI"

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Q: What are radio static letters?
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2000 Dodge Intrepid radio has static no music?

my radio has static in it an i put another one in it an it still has static in it to.

Why does static happen in a radio?

Static occurs when a radio loses its signal (which is the reason for antennae).

How do I fix static in the radio on 96 miata?

Could be a wire crossing in the speakers, the radio itself might be bad. Does it do it all the time? Speakers might be blown. Or, your antenna lead is not plugged into the rear of the radio. Is it radio static, or does it have static on cd/tape as well?

Is there radio static in space?

Yes, radio static is a sort of afterglow fro the big bang, and can be detected in every direction in the universe.

How much static can I expect on the stations while using Sirius Radio?

You should not experience any static with your Sirius Radio if it is properly installed.

How can you eliminate the static noise from your AM radio channels?

Make sure the antennae is connected and good, Then you may try an anti-static kit from radio shack.

What is one bad thing about the radio?

the static and commercials

Why is your radio static when you move away from it?

why when you move away from a radio the loudness affect your haear

My car radio is very staticy on AM radio?

AM radio is naturally has more static than FM. But if it has so much static that the really powerful or local stations are fizzy, that means you need a better antenna.

How do you fix a radio in a Hyundai XG300 when it becomes all static?

When the radio in a Hyundai XG300 becomes all static, it is possible that the antenna is damaged. It could also be possible that the antenna is loose on the back of the radio.

A good sentence using the word static?

Going through the tunnel, the radio was too static to hear.

Does XM radio have static interference?

XM radio does not have static interference. It's a digital signal, so you'll either get a crystal-clear sound or none at all.

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