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Make sure the antennae is connected and good, Then you may try an anti-static kit from radio shack.

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Q: How can you eliminate the static noise from your AM radio channels?
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Can noise be music?

No, music has to have a steady beat and a rhythmic pattern while noise can be anything from radio static to talking.

Sentences using the word static?

Static currents are very exciting. static water has energy.

How can I eliminate static noise on my radio?

Static crackling should not be audible under the following circumstances: 1). On AM radio, when listening to stations that are sufficiently near/strong. 2). On FM radio, anytime. If static is heard constantly, here are some suggestions for the source: 1). Defective fluorescent light or light dimmer nearby. 2). Electric motor nearby with deteriorated brushes or other internal sparking. 3). Radio is defective. Note: Intermittent static crackling during nearby thunderstorms is normal and interesting, especially on an AM radio.

What is the Name for noise which interferes with reception of a radio channel?

Static is the noise Occurs mainly on short, long and medium wave reception

What types of radio receivers do not respond to static interference?

FM radio is inherently less sensitive to natural noise ... not immunebut significantly less sensitive ... than AM radio is.

How do you get rid of static engine noise on AM radio on 1988 Chevy pick up?

Radio suppressors for the alternator etc., and suppressed spark plug leads.

Why does your 1995 Lincoln town car radio have static only?

By any chance have your battery cables been off ? If so , all the radio preset channels have to be reprogrammed

What are Irregular fluctuations which tend to obscure electrical signals or radio reception also called static?

White noise

Why does my radio go static when my furnace is running?

try plugging in your radio in a different wall plug. you might be sharing the same circuit causing noise in the line.

What are radio static letters?

Radio static letters : "EMI"

Why does the amp ground wire make noise?


What causes static on 2001 Ford Ranger radio. Static increases as engine rpms increase.?

It's picking up the alternator as it spins. In some cases the radio or antenna may not be shielded anymore or if so equipped the noise suppressor has failed. You might be able to get a noise suppressor from a stereo shop.

2000 Dodge Intrepid radio has static no music?

my radio has static in it an i put another one in it an it still has static in it to.

Why does static happen in a radio?

Static occurs when a radio loses its signal (which is the reason for antennae).

What is the function of a radio frequency condenser on a 1993 Ford Escort LX 4 cylinder 1.9L engine?

Radio frequency Condensers (Capacitor) is used to reduce or eliminate ignition noise being received by the broadcast radio in the car.

What are the most popular radio channels?

In the UK, the best three most popular radio channels are: BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4* and BBC Radio 1. Other popular radio channels are: Heart, Capital, BBC Radio 5 Live*, Kiss, Smooth Radio and Magic FM.

How do you set radio channels on the radio?

you use the dial

Can you get Sirius radio channels on a normal radio in the car?


How do you eliminate static on AM side of radio 1994 Sierra FM works great Any ideas?

make sure the ground wire is still hook up to the hood

Fix static in am car radio?

There are a few possible causes. If the static changes with engine revs then you have a suppression issue. If the noise is general regardless of whether the engine is running then you need to look at the antenna or the radio itself. Ignition noise will typically produce a "tic, tic, tic" sound on the radio and is likely to be due to arcing around the HT leads or distibutor. The alternator can produce a whining noise if the suppressor is bad. The antenna can perform badly if it is damaged or if its earth connection to the car bodywork does not make a good electrical contact. If you think it might be your radio try substituting another.

How was the radio thought up?

The first radios were untuned radio telegraphs that broadcast a burst of radio static generated by a powerful arc when keyed. The receiver used a device called a coherer to detect this burst of radio static and activate the telegraph sounder. It took the development of vacuum tube triodes to modulate radio waves with voice and music as well as provide tunable radios. Armstrong invented improved receivers like the Superheterodyne and improved modulation techniques like FM that rejected static and noise.

How do you eliminate engine interference with the radio on a 1993 Saturn SL2?

This may help. On older vehicles, unless one used "resister" type spark plugs, one would get a lot of engine noise through the radio.

How do I fix static in the radio on 96 miata?

Could be a wire crossing in the speakers, the radio itself might be bad. Does it do it all the time? Speakers might be blown. Or, your antenna lead is not plugged into the rear of the radio. Is it radio static, or does it have static on cd/tape as well?

How many channels do RTE Radio Ireland broadcast?

RTE Radio Ireland broadcasts 4 channels. For more information about which channels they broadcast and where, check out their official website, RTE IE.

What rhymes with 'radio' and makes a noise?

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