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Check the plug underneath the seat. If it's unplugged the seat belt will be stuck.

New Answer: I have to assume that you are talking about a convertible and that the seat belts are locked. You are able to retract them back into the seat, but not pull them out. Is that correct?

Sebring convertibles have a device called a seat belt timer control module that is located under the center console and to the rear of the parking brake handle. This device acts as a timer, allowing electricity to flow to the seat belt locking solenoids for 30 minutes after the car is shut off or the door is opened. The reason these cars have locking solenoids is because the entire seat belt mechanism moves with the seat and must be able to work in any position. A standard swinging anchor type of reel lock would not work with this seat because of the ability to recline.

The timing control module also senses changes in pitch and rapid acceleration/deceleration of the car, locking the seat belt mechanisms. These modules do go bad from time to time and must be replaced. It is highly unlikely that the plugs under both seats came unplugged at the same time, though it is certainly the first and cheapest thing to check.

If you must buy a new unit from Chrysler, be prepared to spend about $150 for the part. I have no idea what the labor charge would be since I do my own work, but anyone who is handy with basic hand tools can do this job in less than an hour. You might also consider picking the part up from a U-pull-it type of auto recycler, where the part will surely cost you less than $20.


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Q: How do you fix stuck seat belts on a 2000 Sebring?
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In a 1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible the seat belts are stuck and will not pull out how can this be fixed?

I have the same problem in a 2000 Sebring. You can't pull the seat belts out of the seat's retractor. According to the owner's manual the seat belt mechanism needs power on to allow the seat belts to extend. When you open the door or put the key to accessory position power is allowed. The fuse for the seat belts is listed with the flashers and the flashers work ok. I will post more after I fix it. There is a wire connector under the seat that controls the seat belt mechanism. You have to make sure it is connected otherwise the seat belt will remain in the stuck position. I had the same problem, seat belt was stuck and I couldn't use it. I discovered the wire wasn't connected under the seat. Once I reconnected it and turned on the car I was able to pull the seat belt out.

How many seatbelts are in a Chrysler Sebring Convertible?

There are four seat belts in a Chrysler Sebring Convertible. The car seats 4 passengers, and seats must have seat belts installed as a safety precaution.

Why are seat belts unsafe?

Seat belts are unsafe because they can get stuck in a fire. Throw back someone inside the seat belt. Seat belts can choke people.

How many seat belts are in the back seat of a 1999 Chrysler sebring lx?

There are two.There are two.

Are there back seats in a 1998 chrysler sebring convertible?

It's a bench seat with two seat belts

What seats have integrated seat belts?

For one, there's Chrysler Sebring convertible seats.

Where is bottom connection to Child latch system in 2000 Chrysler Sebring lxi?

I do not think a 2000 Sebring has the lower mounting locations for a child car seat.

What to do when rear seatbelt retractor is locked in jaguar s type?

Rear seat belts are stuck

Where is the Radio Amp mounted on a 2000 Chrysler Sebring JX?

I have a 2000 Limited and the Amp is under the passenger seat

Where is the hydraulic fluid resorvoir for convertible 2000 sebring?

it should be behind the back seat ...

How do you release the seat belts on a 1997 Chrysler Sebring?

There is a release solenoid that may occasionally lock up when the car is off. Turning the key to the 'on' position should free your safety belts.

How do you unlatch a stuck seat belt?

Most stuck seat belts are that way because of the inertial lock that is built in. On most models, there is a pin that is trippable on the side of the buckle. It should release the latch.

Where is the convertible top pump reservoir located in a 2000 Chrysler sebring?

Behind the back seat

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Where is the convertible top motor located in a 2000 Chrysler sebring?

It is behind the rear seat back.It is behind the rear seat back.

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seat belts have a unlimited warranty. the belt gets twisted and they replace for free!

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Neither. Seat belts are generally anchored to the floor of a car.

How do you fix a stuck seat belt in a 2000 dodge durango?

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