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How do you fix the AC compressor on a 1994 Chevy lumina with a 3.1 V6?


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2009-06-28 04:58:09
2009-06-28 04:58:09

"You" wouldn't fix it. You would replace the compressor with another & give up the defective one as a core for rebuilding. This is what I am doing now in my 1995 ditto the rest.

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If your lucky, get one from junkyard or from a cheap parts car.

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Near 500 600 bucks. Could jus need recharge in that case not near as much.

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You will need to check the condenser for leaks, also check the air compressor, you can check the air compressor by turning on the ac, look and see if the front of the air compressor is turning. If the air compressor is not coming on you will need to replace it.You can also check your 134a level. hope this helps.

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