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my experience with that problem was to just change the switch itself cause it may either have a short or it finally went dead

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 21:35:04
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Q: How do you fix the high beam switch on a 91 camaro?
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Why does Low beam not work but high beam works?

Replace your dimmer switch and this should fix your problem Or both bulbs could be bad

Your high beams switch is broken in your 2001 Honda accord how can you fix it?

If the high beam switch is broken that it should be replaced. When the unit is replaced the high beams will work again.

Why would a 1992 Mazda 121 light switch flick onto full lights whenever the car goes over a bump and how do you fix this?

You have a faulty switch in the base of your indicator/light stalk. This switch wears out with use so the lights can flip easily to High beam from Low Beam. The fix: Replace the switch assembly and stalk.

How do you fix Ford Taurus headlights that go out when turn signal is switched on?

replace your mutifunction switch (your signal light switch, your high beam and flash to pass are worn out )

How do you fix bright lights that won't turn off on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant?

check high/low beam relay and switch

How do you fix the horn on a 1988 camaro?

To fix the horn on a 1988 Camaro, check the horn fuse first. Then check the horn relay, wiring, horn, and switch to find the problem.

How do I fix or replace the high-low beam switch in a '91 Chevy s10 Blazer?

u have to take the hole thing apart to get to a small screw to take the switch out

Why has the driver side's headlight's high beam stopped working?

The headlight has two filaments. One for the high beam and one for the low beam. The most likely reason the high beam is out is because the high beam filament is broken. Replace the bulb and it should fix it.

How do you fix camaro window switch?

how do you know its the switch? does the window (power) move up & down? You can use the other switch from the right or left hand side of the one that works. switch the wires. if the windows work, then its the switch. if the switch doesn't work, then its the window motor.

What do I need to do to fix our 1996 dodge ram van 3500it has no low beam I have replaced the dimmer switch and bulbs.?

get in my belly

How do you fix the dimmer switch on a 94 v-6 camaro?

Replace the complete switch in the steering column, you have to pull the steering wheel off and then you can take the top cover off the steering column and get to the switch.

Why won't heam beam headlights on 1974 vw beetle work when low beams do?

If low beam works but high beam doesn't then: It is unlikely that both headlights burnt out the high beam filaments at the same time. I'd check each headlight beam with another headlight beam you know is working on both high and low beam filaments. If this works the higb beam, then the beams are no good. Another check, to make sure that both filaments in each headlight are working, is done by connecting 12 volts of power across the three terminals at back of the beam (negative to ground terminal and positive to first the lowbeam terminal and then the highbeam terminal). If both filaments light, headlight beam(s) are good. Brightest light is highbeam. If in doubt as to which terminal is which, look at the connector, the white wire is Highbeam, the yellow wire is lowbeam, the third wire is ground. So, now you know the headlight beam are good, but if problem is still not fixed, check the fuse for high beam. See your owners manual for location, or just check all the fuses. If the high beam fuse is OK, check the dimmer switch. If looking at the dimmer switch, the middle wire (56 termainal) is white with black stripes, this is the power in to the dimmer switch from the headlight switch (dash). The left wire (56b terminal) is yellow and it is the low beam power from dimmer switch to fusebox, the right wire (56a terminal) is white and it is the High beam power to fusebox. If the low beam works as you say, a quck check of the system and the dimmer switch, is to exchange the yellow (low beam) wire and the white wire (high beam). If the high beam nowworks but the low beam doesn't, and the fuses are all good, then the dimmer switch is faulty. If the fuses are not OK, check all the wiring first. Check to make sure all the wires are connected from headlight switch to dimmer switch to fusebox to each headlight. Look for shorts (burnt wires) in the curcuits, since if the fuse(s) burnt out, it did so for a reason. Repair first any burnt wires. Replace the fuse with the same sized fuse. This should fix your problem.

How can i fix my high beams to change to low beam if the lever is broken?

on majority of caprices with this stalk operated beam changer a rod is pushed by stalk operating a switch usually located on same side of column just behind facia u should be able to pull rod to change beams a new lever is best long term fix

How do you fix high beams in my Mazda miata?

Before you can fix it, you need to diagnose what the problem is. Have you checked fuses and relays? Do you have continuity in the high beam circuit on the switch? Is there power to the point where the wiring harness splits off to supply each high beam lamp? Have you checked the bulbs? There are several different reasons why your high beams could be malfunctioning... without narrowing down the cause, you'll just end up wasting money by throwing parts at it until you get it right (if you do at all).

1995 Dodge Intrepid have all lights working but low beam how do you fix?

Maybe start with dimmer switch, that's what I did on mine.

My 1995 Mazda mpv van parking lights comes on without turning on and any given time?

Put the light switch on high beam wile off and the lights will turn off the is a problem with the switch the is a updated part number tha t will fix your problem but if dont want to spent money just leave the switch on high beams all the time

1995 camaro it starts but as soon as you let go of the key switch and it falls back the car shut off any clue on whats wrong or how to fix it?

Could be a bad ignition switch

95 Chevy Camaro and your security lite wont go out how do you fix the problem?

change the ignition switch the little black thing on your key is wore down and not making good contact that should fix the problem

How come on my 95 windstar gl my headlights wont go on unless you hold the high beamwand inward while driving anyone know how to fix it or if its a relay problem?

Your low beams might be burned out, or your switch is not working in low beam.

On your 1996 camaro your rear lights stay on even when you put the knob in the off position How can you fix this?

Check your brake switch under the dashboard above the brake pedal

How do you fix the hi beams when only the low beams work on a 1992 Toyota Corolla?

Several possibilities: (1) check the fuses first - the high beam fuse may have blown (2) the high beam switch may have broken (3) a broken or grounded wire in the circuit (4) Possible-but highly unlikely- is that both high beams could have failed at the same time and you would need 2 new bulbs.

How do you fix the serpentine in a 1998 V6 Camaro?

Replace it.

How do I fix my 88 Camaro 305?

Take it to a mechanic.

Why is the R low beam light doesn't work while both the high beam lights works?

most like the low beam filiment in the right light is bad but the high beam filiment is still good, try replacing bulb. If replacing bulb does not fix problem then you probably have voltage problems and should check the voltage reading and the plug.

How do you fix a headlight switch on a 1993 Nissan Maxima when the left high beam comes on while driving and how much should it cost?

It's not the switch. Replace the right bulb. If your car was built for the Canadian market, it may be a defective Daytime Running Light module. It will have to be replaced - about $120CDN + 30 minutes labour you can do yourself.