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How do you fix the lights on a 86 lebaron digital dash?

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The light bulbs for the icon-displays (seatbelts, check engine, etc.) can be easily replaced after removing the instrument cluster bezel (4 screws after cluster removed from vehicle). However, if you are talking about the "digital display" such as speedometer, fuel gauge, engine temperature, oil pressure, etc., that is all tied into the electronic circuitry behind the display and would need the services of a professional that repairs digital instrument clusters. Check Hemmings for those that do that type of work. Your only other option would be to try and obtain a "used" instrument cluster that works properly from recyclers or on the internet. Good luck, they haven't been made in over 25 years and anything that works will probably be at at premium. Plus, usually no guarantee on used parts.

2011-12-24 02:45:41
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Dash lights are soldered in place on the board. If they are all out you may have a fuse out or the instrument cluster is gone.

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One of the most common problems with dash lights is the dimmer switch. check that first.

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it would be great to know..

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Check your headlight switch. Sometimes the switch goes bad and the dash lights won't light. Replace the switch for the fix.

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a digital cluster is the same as a circuit board. you need to replace that borad

How do you fix your dash lights on a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer ES even though the fuse is not blown?

to change the lights you remove the dash cluster and replace the bulbs. the number for the bulbs are 197

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i have dash light problems also and my easy fix is just hitting the dash . the lights all work again after i do!

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Headlights? Brake lights? Tail lights? Signal lights? Courtesy lights? Dash lights? Check engine lights? Need more info please.

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try contacting He specializes in factory stereo and digital dash repair. I'm not sure if he works on 280zx electrical, but it's worth a try. Good Luck!

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You left some wires unplugged.

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Generally, dash lights and tail lights are on the same fuse so that if the tail fuse blows you'll know. When the tail light was "smashed", it shorted out the circuit and blew the fuse. You need to fix the tail light before you can get the dash lights to work.

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check for a bad fuse in the fuse panel.

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If all bulbs are good, You need a New Flasher. Gabriel (Purto Rico).

What wires do you connect to fix your dash lights on a 1993 infiniti g20?

First check all fuses and/or relays. Then it could be your switch for your lights on the column,it was for mine-corrosion.

Is it easy to fix a speedometer on a 92 chrysler lebaron convertible?

no.. just get one outta a junker... its either the speedo cable itself or the dash clock.. either way neither can be fixed

How do you fix the dashboard lights on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron?