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check wiring in door most likely broken inside protective cover when opening and closeing wires will get brittle wiht age and crack or just could be the relay.

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Q: How do you fix the power locks?
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The power locks don't work on the 2002 safari what do you need to do to fix it?

Buy a Honda

How do you fix power door locks on a 1996 Honda Accord LX the fuse is ok?


Your power locks on your 1999 Camry quit working after you pulled a bulb out of the dome light to replace it The power locks only work when the engine is on Where do you go to check a fuse and fix it?

Same problem, but didn't replace the dome light.The locks will unlock but not lock.

How do you fix power locks on a acura integra 4 door 95?

Try checking all fuses

How do you fix door locks on a citroen berlingo van?

New locks

How do you fix unresponsive power door locks on a 1996 VW Golf?

are they the factory locks?? if so it could bea vaccum line it operates on vaccum lines. or it could be the ground.

Why your power locks are not working properly?

Yep, not for years, and since its a small car I can't be bothered to fix em

What does a locksmith do for a job?

lock smith are the people that fix locks and make them

The power locks locked up on your 1995 Oldsmobile silhouette - can not open the doors someone said it was the motor for the locks it went out your question is how do you fix this?

It could be a little switch in the door that just needs to be flipped

Your 1997 Rav4 has power locks but the passenger side power lock won't lock when you use the power locks you have to lock it manually can anyone tell you how to fix it or what is wrong with it?

sounds like your fuse has gone out , might want to check it , use your owners manual to locate and use proper procedure for removal

How do you fix the power door locks on a 2001 Honda cr-v?

Check the fuses first. Check the wiring near the door hinge.

What do you need to convert to power locks on a 96 Saturn sl1?

PCM, Relays, Power locks, wiring

What should you do when your brake locks up?

Get a professinal to fix it

How do you fix power door locks on GMC safari van?

start by changing the fuse then check relays its very hard to answer a question like this when you dont explain what its doing or not doing or what you have done to try to fix it

On a Celica 2.2 i have no turn signals power windows power top power locks or inst light anything in common?

Yes there is something in common. antibiotically, the scif gidher49.9 has a problem so you should mataestically fix it.

How do you fix manual door locks on Jeep Cherokee Sport?

you go to the parts store and buy new locks for your doors.

Did Louis XIV have any hobbies?

He liked to fix locks.

How do you disable the automatic door locks on a 99 Accord?

Remove the power locks and windows fuse you will loose power for your windows also

How do you fix your power door locks in a 1997 Honda Civic LX?

If the power door locks have failed on a 1997 Honda Civic a diagnostic should be performed. The first thing to check would be the fuse for the door switches. If fuse is broken replace it. If not check and door lock switch inside the door panel.

How to fix power door lock?

2001 GMC Serria, power door locks.Driver side works perfect.Passager side does not.Pushing switch either side locks driver door but not passenger door.What is wrong

How to fix Power door locks 2002 dodge stratus?

There could be a bad relay switch from the fuse box. However it could also be that the fuse is blown itself.

Why do power door locks quit working on a 1979 Corvette?

If the power door locks quit working on a 1979 Corvette, it is due to broken pigtail switches. With age and use, the pigtails break and leaves the power door locks inoperable.

How do you fix 2004 GTO door locks?

Go to a mechanic for help.

Are there power locks on 1993 Ford E-150 Econoline vans?

Power locks on Ford E-150 Econoline Vans? If the van was ordered with power locks, they would be installed. Some owners don't want them and they can be ordered without. joedi

How do you repair power door locks on 2002 Hyundai elantra?

There is not a specifically designated fuse for the power locks on the underdash fusebox label. The power locks are actually on the sunroof fuse (#15), whether or not the car has a sunroof. Check that fuse and replace if necessary.