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It could be a little switch in the door that just needs to be flipped

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How does a question get locked?

If a question has become vandalized or a debate then they will be locked after an appropriate answer has been filled in. Once in awhile if someone has wrote an answer that is very good and it is an answer to the question and it will never change it might be locked, this is to save the hard work of the contributer who posted the answer. But the process of it being locked is done by a supervisor with the click of a button.

If you try to answer a question on WikiAnswers but someone else tries to do it t the same time what happens?

I assume that if a question is locked for answering by someone it is not available for another to use it.

How do you disarm a 97 Oldsmobile silhouette alarm?

These things are an utter pain! If it's locking you out it's a dealer thing. By locking you out I mean alarm sounding and will not crank the engine. if your not locked out your owners manual should explain how to set the different modes or security levels.

Locked in diapers?

This is not a question. Please rephrase your question in the form of a . . . question!

How do you open an Oldsmobile alegra trunk without the key?

locked keys in truck of 2000 alero. how to open?

Can you unlock a question on WikiAnswers?

Answers can only be locked or unlocked by a WikiAnswers Supervisor. Answers are "locked" in cases where an answer has become a debate instead of an answer, or if the answer has been vandalized too many times. If a question has been locked for either of these reasons, it may be unlocked after a time, or may be kept locked if the question continues to be a target for vandalism or debate within the answer.

How do you unlock a question on

you can't once it is locked.

Why are there locked elements on doodle god?

Unaswered Question.

What is gender fluidity?

That is basically when someone is not locked into gender roles.

Getting through locked doors on YoVille?

If you own the house of the locked door you will automatically get through it. But if it's someone else's house with the locked door than you are not allowed to get through.

Radio theft locked up on 97 Oldsmobile 88 delta how can you get the code to unlock?

try mickey shores they might be able to help

Why is my Echo 2001 cigarette lighter locked?

Maybe someone wanted to stop someone else from using it?

How do you unlock an Oldsmobile when keys are locked inside?

If the car can't be broken into without damaging something or breaking a window, best to call a professional locksmith.

How can you view locked scrap of strangers in orkut?

Why would someone want to do that?

Can someone read your tweets if you have your account locked?

Only if you have allowed them to follow you.

How can a non supervisor request that a question and answer be locked on WikiAnswers?

You ask a supervisor of that category the question is in to do it and give good reason.

How can you lock a question at

Supervisors have a link in the sidebar to "protect" questions that are being vandalized. This question has been locked, not because I think it's in danger of being vandalized, but as an example of what a locked question looks like. Ordinary users can't lock questions.

How can an Answer become locked?

The entire question and answer would be locked from being edited because vandalism might happen frequently within the question and answer, so Supervisors protect it to make sure it's safe from further vandalism.

What is the difference between a Protected question - a yellow lock - and a Preserved question - a red padlock?

A Protected question (the yellow lock) is locked by Supervisors due to vandalism of an answer. It can be edited and unlocked by Supervisors. A Preserved question (the red padlock) is locked by Community Assistants for administrative reasons.

What is a locked phone?

A locked phone is good to know about when purchasing a used phone. When someone says "locked phone" it usually means that the phone is not able to be activated until the bill through the carrier is paid in full.

Why are some questions and answers locked?

There can be several reasons why a question and answer will become locked.The Q&A could be part of a special project where the staff does not want the question or the answer modified.The Question or Answer might have been been the target of a lot of vandalism, so it is given a good answer and locked to stop vandalism from happening again.The Question and it's answer might have become part of a debate that has gotten out-of-hand and may even have become nasty. In those instances, the staff tries to edit the answer so different views are represented and the Question is locked.The subject matter may be very sensitive to some readers or even potentially harmful.

Why is your WikiAnswers question locked?

The reason why some Supervisors or CA's may lock your question is because it is prone to spam and vandalism.

If your in a car crash Will locked car doors open in a crash?

Only if someone unlocks them.

How do you fix a locked hip on a calf?

the answer to this question is you take it in the vet and get it checked up. dummy

Where is the locked door in 24 carrot on poptropica?

I don't know yet but when I do find the answer I will answer this question again with the right answer everyone. Sorry I can't answer the question!!

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