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You don't often times the pin that you push on to reset it breaks and in order to fix it you have to get a new cluster, I have broke two of them and taken them apart to try and haven't found any way except for a new one

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Q: How do you fix the trip odometer in a 1994 Chevy Cavalier Z24?
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What is the difference between the odometer and the trip odometer?

The trip opometer can be reset and doesn't change the odometer. The trip opometer can be reset and doesn't change the odometer. An odometer is a continual counter of distance and a trip odometer measures from point A to B and can be reset.

How do you restart your odometer?

You can only restart the trip odometer. There usually is a button on the instrument cluster that brings up the trip odometer or the regular odometer. Once you have the trip odometer showing just hold down that button for a few seconds and it will reset the trip odometer back to zero.

How can you reset the odometer to mileage from trip?

Where is trip odometer reset button on vauxhall insignia

How do you adjust 2008 Chevy Impala trip odometer?

See Odometer on page 3-45 of your "Owner's Manual", under Section 3: Instrument Panel - Driver Information Center (DIC) - Trip/Fuel Menu Items.....

What is gas mileage on a 1994 chevlet cavalier?

I am going to take a 138 mile trip so how much gas would I get out of a 1994 chevorlet cavalier or how much money would it take for gas

Whats the problem if the speedometer odometer and trip do not work on a 1994 Honda civic?

The speedometer is wired to a VSS. If it has failed then the unit will need to be replaced. Odometer and trip meter are wired into the same fuse and should be checked. If the fuse is blown the odometers will not work.

How do you reset odometer in 2000 neon?

You cannot reset the odometer in your car, however you can reset your trip odometer.

How to reset Odometer to zero?

The Trip Odometer is normally reset by pushing and holding the reset button in. The odometer can not be reset.

How do you reset time for regular service message of Volvo s60 2002?

Either trip odometer 1 or 2 must have miles on it. 1. With car key in position I, push in the trip odometer reset and hold. The trip odometer (either 1 or 2) will zero. 2. With trip odometer reset still pushed in, move car key to position II. 3. After the series of start up indicators are finished, you will see the original mileage that was on the trip odometer before you pushed the reset. Release the trip odometer button and turn the key to the off position.

Does the trip odometer indicate engine RPM?


How do you reset computer on Toyota Tundra after oil change?

On the 4.7 liter 2007 Tundra: Put the trip odometer to "A" Trip. Then with key OFF, push trip odometer button and hold it. Turn key to "ON" but do not start the engine. The Odometer should flash a series of dashes. That's it, you are reset.

Where is the odometer located in the computer on a Chevy Trailblazer?

Just bought a 2006 and there is knob sticking out of the display at the top right that you push in and it changes the display from the odometer to the trip meter. The information is apparently stored in the PCM and however their is a memory in the instrument cluster itself.

What is odometer and tripmeter?

the odometer tracks total miles on the vehicle and cant be reset or should not be tampered with this is illegal , the trip-meter is resettable for tracking miles on a trip or calculating mileage.

How do you reset odometer on 2011 dodge ram?

You can not reset the odometer. The trip meter can be reset by holding down the button.

How do you disable a 2007 corolla seatbelt alarm?

1)Turn the key to the ON position 2)Press the trip/odometer button until the screen shows the ODO reading (rather than TRIP A or TRIP B) 3)Turn the key to the OFF position 4)Turn the key to the ON position 5)Press and hold the trip/odometer button (within 6 seconds of turning the key) 6)Hold the trip/odometer button for 10 seconds, then fasten the driver's seatbelt 7)"b_on" should appear on the odometer screen - at this point you can release the trip/odometer button 8)Press the trip/odometer button - "b_off" should appear 9)Turn the key to the OFF position. ITS TOUGH TO DO BUT I KNOW IT WORKS I TRIED IT IT TOO ANNOYING

The odometer in your 94 Grand Marquis quit working but the trip odometer works How do you repair the main odometer?

Probably the cheap black plastic odometer gears(2) if you have set in center. If you have odometer on the left and trip odometer on the right then it is two sets...four gears. Usually when one breaks the other is not far behind in the two set type. There are several online suppliers who can provide parts for the repair.

Why would the odometer and trip meter quit working?

the plastic gear in the cluster that drives the odometer and the tripmeter is probly broken ..

How do you reset trip meter 2003 Windstar?

Push the reset button just to the right of the trip odometer

How do you reset Maintenance required light on 2005 matrix?

Make sure the Odometer is NOT in the trip mode. Turn off the ignition, then press the trip button and hold it in. Turn on the ignition. The odometer will turn to all dashes and start to count down and turn to all zeros. When the Odometer returns release the trip button and you are done.

How is the service reminder indicator reset on a Volvo S40?

With the ignition off, press and hold in the reset button for the trip odometer, then turn the ignition on. Hold the trip odometer reset button until the service reminder indicator starts flashing (about 10 seconds). Release the reset button for the trip odometer within 4 seconds.

Where is trip odometer reset button on Dodge Caravan?

The button on the steering wheel marked "step" changes the odometer to trip 1 and trip 2. You can also reset these 2 different trips to zero as needed. When you press the trip button multiple times, you will also get the outdoor temperature.

How do you fix trip counter on Honda CR-V?

You cannot. It is part of the odometer and (in the US) it is unlawful to tamper with the odometer unit.

How do you reset the trip computer on Toyota Sienna?

Push the pin on the odometer in and hold set to trip record first

How do I reset the trip odometer in a Jeep Liberty 2006?

While in the trip mode, hold button in for a couple of seconds.

What is the circled letter B above the odometer?

There are two trip odometers, one listed "A" and the other "B". Pressing the reset button switches between the two different trip mileage counters. Pressing and holding resets the select trip odometer to 0. There are two trip odometers, one listed "A" and the other "B". Pressing the reset button switches between the two different trip mileage counters. Pressing and holding resets the select trip odometer to 0.