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How do you fix windows when it is corrupted?


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Windows has some files which are corrupted or missing due to virus or other windows error. Important files need repair and other should clean up to make windows registry free from errors.


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You may have to reinstall Media Player. Go to Microsoft's website and download the latest version of Windows Media player and install it. This will fix it.

The best and easiest way to fix error message cwindowssystem32fajeyeyidll is to use a registry cleaner. The corrupted windows registry is the main cause of this problem.

the run-time error 131 would be caused by reasons as below: * Corrupted Office applications * Missing component in the applications * Damaged component in the applications * Incorrect system configuration * Corrupted Windows registry the easily way to fix runtime error 131 is to use a registry cleaner to clean up the windows registry.

In Emulators you can't fix the corrupted Data, Just in the GBA or GBA Sp

The answer is to use Windows RE to restore the registry files from the ones saved in the C:\Windows\System32\Config\RegBack folder.

It depends what file was corrupted. The Xbox did nothing, but an update may have fixed it.

Sometimes the Microsoft Windows registry gets corrupted and it prevents you from cleanly installing and uninstalling some applications.One fix is to download and run the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility and remove the application that is having problems (e.g. Google Earth).UPDATE:Microsoft retired the Windows Installer CleanUp utility in 2010.This was replaced with "Microsoft FixIt" which is available at

On my PS3,I just delete the data because I can't figure out why my save data gets corrupted.

Are you sure it's really a DVD drive? If so, does it have a driver? And if that, is the relationship betw. the drive and Windows not corrupted?

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delete the data and puted in your psp

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System File Checker is a utility in Microsoft Windows that allows users to scan for and replace any corrupted files

take out the memory stick then fix it after that return it inside

tell the police and/or contact sony or the company who made it

if you have original windows 7 disc, you can reinstall it if you have recovery windows 7 disc, you can fix it

I would advise you next way to recover corrupted outlook express mails. See program below.

ussually it will load the last save game and it will fix itself

Best thing to do is delete it and redownload it from the PSN.

If your Windows operating system gets corrupted, you can start the computer using the boot disk and repair the damage.

If your BIOS has been corrupted by a virus, it can be fixed by re-flashing the BIOS with a clean firmware. This will completely re-write the chip and return it to operation.

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