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The $5.00 Solution worth the time to read. I have had this problem more then once with my 99 Venture. The Dealer will only replace these parts as defective and give you a nice bill with a smile.

I am the original owner of a 99 Venture and have 95,000 miles on it. The wipers appear to Malfunction by leaving the wipers up after turning the wipers off. I noticed this problem after owning the vehicle the first 3-4 years.

I found problem to be that corrosion sets in between the CAMS plates that circle in an opposing fasion and does not let the wiper arms park correctly. Be very careful with this mechanism if you have the cowling off TURN the KEY and WIPERS OFF and watch your fingers so you don't get them caught.

WARNING if you leave the power on and try to move the arms This cam mechanism springs to life and will try to self park the wipers on their own so Turn the Power and Wipers Off.

SOLUTION: 1. With the ENGINE COLD, Spray a lubricant that FREE'S CORRODED PARTS like WD-40 between the gap of the 2 CAM Plates and on Top of the plates, or use some other automotive parts lubricant that free's corroded parts(let it soak for 5 minutes). 2. Gently Try to manually move the arms back and forth a little bit so that the spray works into the parts. 3. This may not be necessary but I had to do this the first time. There is a notch in the top cam that has a STUD that locks the 2 CAMs together. You can push on this STUD to unlock the cams by manually moving the wipers(use a screw driver to push on the STUD and have a friend gently move the wipers manually. Spray the area LIBERALLY with with the Lubricant Spray and see if you can move the CAMS back and forth and work the lubricant in.

Then with the wiper cover out of the way and all tools clear Try to cycle the wipers HIGH and LOW, ON and OFF a few times it may stick the first couple times with the wipers in the up position but I am confident that the lubricant will work its way in and free these CAMS the way they are supposed to. Your wipers should self park after cycling them after 5-10times. This should solve most of the problems with these wipers and should be relubricated as needed. Clean up any extra lubricant Put the wiper cover back on.

Another bright idea from GM stock holders. There is a cam for the wipers that is about $85 at your local GM dealer. It has instructions on how to install it correctly in the box the part comes from. I went through a couple of new arms ($25 ea) before a great GM parts guy told me that the cam is the one to replace. IT's worked good ever since. Good luck!

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Q: How do you fix windshield wipers that will not go down when shut off on a Chevy Venture?
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How do you adjust the windshield wipers on a Chevy Impala?

Turn the wipers off, pull the wiper arm off, and replace it in the correct down position.

Why does the Rear windshield wiper goes down below window on your 99 Chevy venture?

Needs to be readjusted.

What is wrong if the windshield wipers on a 2002 Chevy Impala will not go down when you turn them off?

Replace the paulse board that's attached to the wiper motor.

Why would the windshield wipers on a 1998 Chevy S 10 suddenly stop working?

check the fuse, otherwise the linkeage or the motor broke down

Why do your windshield wipers work if you push the lever down but not when you turn on?

If the windshield wipers work when pushing the lever down but not when they are turned on all the time, the problem could be in the wiper motor relay switch. There are two different relay switches for the windshield wipers, so that if the one fails a person can still clear the windshield manually.

How do i repair windshield wipers that won't go down?

What type of vehicle?

How do you change the windshield wipers on a Chevy Venture?

Pretty easy if it's not rusted on. There should be a tab you push down and slide the wiper back and off. If you can't get it, go to autozone not to name drop but they can do it for you for free. See wiper blade installation videos for hook-end wiper arms below.

How do you adjust your windshield wipers on a '99 Nissan Quest so that they do not fly off the windshield?

You must remove the arm of the wiper and move it down

What is wrong if the windshield wipers on a 1991 Lincoln Town car will not go down when you turn them off?

The linkage for the wipers could have slipped. If the linkage is not aligned right, then the wipers will not stop at the right spot.

How do you fold down the windshield in a Jeep Wrangler?

Remove the bottom bolt on each side of the windshield (near the hinge) and make sure to take the wipers off. It folds right down, really easy, Remove the bottom bolt on each side of the windshield (near the hinge) and make sure to take the wipers off. It folds right down, really easy,

Why do wipers not go down?

I would start with testing the "park" switch inside the cover of the windshield wiper motor.

Why do windshield wipers wipe back and forth and not up and down?

They do because if they go up and down, the water would just stay on the window.

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