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buy a manual at auto zone its only about 10 dollars


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You cannot "fix" it. But you can replace it in about an hour.

I had to take the bulb out of mine, no one could fix the problem and I didn't want my battery to wear out.

The Ford Taurus is famous for having leaking heater core. It is located on the passenger side inside the passenger compartment and inside the dashboard. It costs about $1000 to get a mechanic to fix it.

1999 Ford Taurus. System Adaptive fuel too lean banks 1 and 2. How can I fix these.

replace the brake line and then bleed the brakes

2001 ford f 150 misfire on acceleration

2001 ford winstar sport burning engine oil

It depends on where it is leaking. If it is the lines it is cheap. Anything else it is not.

Trouble code P0500 means: Vehicle Speed Sensor A

Check vacuum lines and canister first

You cannot "fix" it. But you can replace it in about an hour.

Fix the problem. The code will disappear after 50 starts

depends on what needs to done, the transaxle is the transmission

That's not telling us much ! - It depends WHERE exactly it leaks from .

Costs to fix the exhaust on a 1997 Ford Taurus depends on the location and shop. For a small patch repair costs average less than $100. For a full exhaust system consumers pay between $100-$300.

On my 95 Taurus the cruise control wires broke off inside the steering wheel. After reconnecting them the system worked fine.

my idling on my 2001 ford focus is not idling correct, tried to adjust idling but there is no screw or way to adjust why?

There is only one fix. Remove and replace the gasket. This is a major repair that should only be attempted by an expert.

Take it to an approved HVAC shop.

$500.00 to $800.00 Try finding one at a auto salvage yard.

if you like it and if its in good shape yes but if its got alot of miles and worn out no

Change the coil of the cyl number 2

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