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Check all the fuses. This happened to me with my Seville and it was a fuse that caused it. Take your time and go through them all, both under the hood and in the driving compartment. It shouldn't be a relay, not as long as the digital lights are lit up. Should you eliminate all other possiblities, removal of the instrument panel isn't too difficult. Caddilac used star bit screws under the instrument panel covers and hidden in the vents to mount the cover. But as I said, because the gas gauge/light controls are a separate component than your driver information/speedometer/engine info panel, the problem is most definitely a fuse. Don't hesitate to call or talk to a GM Caddillac mechanic. The repair bosses and parts people won't give you the time of day but if you can talk to or befriend a real mechanic, it would be worth it's weight in gold. There are some good guys working in those shops. They're making $40 an hour and some don't mind giving free advice. Go into the shop looking for a part, that'll give you an excuse to find a mechanic. What's the worst that can happen? You can tell them you can't afford to pay $500 to fix a fuse, the truth hurts. Good luck. And look into the Caddillac forum web site. Tons of people with Cadis and GM techs monitor the site. I'm a member.

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Q: How do you fix your dash board because all digital reads zeros and your gass gage reads on E?
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