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If you mean cracked get a soldering iron and go over the crack very carefully to weld it back together.

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Q: How do you fix your laptop casing?
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What do you do if you dropped your laptop and some of the casing breaks?

Go to a computer shop and get it checked out

How to fix a laptop?

Find a geek and pay him to fix it.

Is there a laptop made of gold?

No there is not (this would be impossobe) although there is a laptop with pure gold casing said to be worth around 6 billion dollars!!

Are laptop screens very fragile?

yes they are especially if they are out of their casing and brackets. but they are still pretty fragile when they are attached to the laptop and in their intended casings and brackets.

How can you fix your laptop?

insert boot disc

How do you fix a Acer laptop?

Using tools.

How can you fix your laptop when the screen can not turn on?

the best way to fix a laptop if the screen is broken is to plug in an external monitor into a vga dvi or hdmi port that is on your laptop this depends on your external monitor.

What should you do if your bulb in your dell laptop is broken?

take it to a laptop fix shop near you.

How do you fix your laptop keyboard that s not working?

Grow a beard, then buy a new laptop.. or a keyboard

How do you fix a laptop keyboard?

It dependes on whats wrong

How do you fix a Dell laptop charger?

There are various ways to fix a Dell laptop charger but this will depend with the type of fault. If you are not sure where the fault is, you should take it to a technician.

How to fix laptop keypad for Lenovo z580?

A computer repair person is the best to speak to about laptop repairs. They are trained to fix all kinds of computer issues.

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