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You need a soldering iron and some solder for a lose wire, anything other then that I would recommend bringing it to a shop.

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Q: How do you fix your pick-ups on your guitar?
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When was Lundgren guitar pickups created?

Lundgren guitar pickups was created in 1990.

Can you install active pickups on a guitar with and active circuitry and passive pickups?


How many different guitar pickups are there?

There are thousands or maybe more different pickups.

Where could one find guitar pickups online?

There are many sources to get guitar pickups online. Companies like Guitarfetish, MusiciansFriend, TVJones, and EMGPickups are just a few of the online companies that sell guitar pickups.

What part of the electric guitar produces its sound?

the pickups , they are like the ear of the guitar , they send the information from when you strike the strings outside the guitar and into an amplifier. There is a reason they call them "pickups".

How do you replace guitar pickups?

You by a new one.

Can you put active pickups in a guitar?

sure you can.

What kind of pickups was in Prince's guitar?


Where could a person buy acoustic guitar pickups?

The best place to get acoustic guitar pickups is at a music store. Some music stores that sells this kind of pickups include Sound of Music, Guitar Center, and Musician's Friend.

Can you have two different types of pickups in a guitar?


What does a bass pickup sound like on an electric guitar?

Probably about the same, actually. The technology for bass guitar pickups and electric guitar pickups are very similar, with only slight differences. Still, you're going to sound better on a guitar with a guitar pickup.

Can you convert an acquistic guitar in to an electric?

Well, you can install one of several different kinds of pickups in an acoustic guitar, and then you'll have an acoustic-electric. Passive pickups, like piezo-electric pickups, just sense the vibration of the body of the guitar and sound more natural. Magnetic pickups, like most "soundhole" pickups, are built more like electric-guitar pickups and sense the string vibration. They tend to sound like hollow-body electric guitars. You can mount a standard electric pickup, tone controls, etc. into an acoustic guitar, of course... Some of the earliest "electrics" were made that way.

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