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Depends on what is wrong with it. If it is loose, you may be able to fix it by carefully attaching it. If it is okay mechanically but does not produce a space when typing, it probably needs to be very carefully removed and cleaned underneath.

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Can you run mac osx lion on ibook g3?

yes you can

What are the technical specifications of the Mac iBook G3?

The Mac iBook G3 is a good computer its basic processor is 300 MHz PowerPC 750. While the G4 is 800 MHz PowerPC 7457.

Is 128MB memory on an apple ibook a little memory?

128mb is pretty low, but if your ibook runs on mac OS 9, then it is not that bad.

Where is the command button on an apple mac book?

next to the space bar

How do I change my screen snake's color on a mac?

Press space bar

What is a Mac book?

A mac book (previously known as iBook) is the laptop version of the iMac g5. I definitely recommend them

In what year was the first Mac iBook G3 sold?

The iBook was a line of laptop computers sold by Apple Computer from 1999 to 2006. ... Two years later, the second generation abandoned the original form factor in ... The iBook G3 was the first Mac to use Apple's new "Unified Logic Board ...

How can you install mac os tiger on ibook Dual USB?

Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) can be installed on an iBook Dual USB (G3 processor) by inserting the installation disc and double clicking the Install icon.

Is it possible to install iLife 05 on an iBook Clamshell?

An iBook G3 Clamshell needs to be running Mac OS X 10.3.4 (or later) for iLife '05 to operate. Depending on the particular version of Clamshell there may be problems with the amount of hard disc space available for the iLife applications.

How do you make each sentence appear individually on mac PowerPoint?

press the space bar

Does the mac app store work on an ibook?

No because the Mac App Store requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 which is not supported on the old G3/G4 iBooks.

How do you turn your screen upside down on mac iBook?

I do not think that you can because it just wont let you do that.

Can you move a downloaded book from iPad to Mac?

You can email out a PDF book to any computer, but you cannot transfer books you purchased on the iBook store to the Mac.

Where is the tool bar on a Mac computer?

The finder bar is the task bar on a mac the icon bar is where the icon are all of the tools you want to change on the mac should be on the system preferences which you click on the mac icon bar and there would be all of the settings

Why cant I update my webbrowser on my ibook g4 I am currently running Mac OS X 10.3.9 and cant update my ibook g4 browser so i can watch YouTube so its not alol stagered and jumbled can anyone help me?

Mac OS X 10.3.9 is nearly five years old (which is a long time in computer operating system years) the current version of Mac OS X is 10.5.7. The minimum requirement for the latest version of the Safari browser is 10.4.11. To update your browser you will need to update your version of Mac OS X. Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) will work on an iBook G4.

Is there a Quicklook button in the Mac finder?

Select an icon with a single click and then press the space bar to activate a Quicklook window.

How do i fix Blue screen error on I Mac?

Does Mac OS 9 run on an iBook G4 800mhz?

Yes. Though I can't see any reason that you would want to.

Are all ibook chargers the same?

No. You would need to specify the make of your machine. Generally speaking with Mac, if it fits in the hole then it will work.

Why cant I download games on my mac ibook G4?

Its because most of the game's are for PC not Macs so there is your answer.Sincerly, Daultyn McClellan

Can you get ibook on a MacBook Air?

No, not currently but you can download the amazon kindle app for free, off the mac app store, which does a similar job.

Can you install Mac OS x 10.5 on your Ibook G3?

Unfortunately No, Apple only will support it on G-4800mgz or higher.

How do you fix a Mac loading startup screen?

What do you mean?If your mac is loading slow on startup, it is most likelyto do with its SSD; so I'd recommend getting that checked out, or clearing up some space :)

When you play Star Wars Battlefront 2 on your mac the ground has huge shadows that look like outer space how do you fix this?

ep 1999

What has more calories a mars bar or a big mac?

Big Mac