How do you fix your whammy bar?

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You jump on it as if there is no tommorrow. :D

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Q: How do you fix your whammy bar?
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How do you stop the guitar hero whammy bar from squeaking?

A quick squirt of WD40 will fix it.

How do you whammy Guitar Hero?

The Guitar Hero guitar as a whammy bar. When you are holding long notes during a song, you can move the whammy bar up and down to "whammy."

Can you replace a stop bar with a whammy bar?

No, a stop bar and a whammy bar are two different things therefore you cannot replace a stop bar with a whammy bar. It woluld make the sound a whole different tune.

Is there a difference between the 2007 PRS Paul Allender SE guitar with a whammy bar and the one without a whammy bar?

they both have a whammy bar, the newer ones just don't come with the whammy on the guitar(for some odd reason.)

Does a bass guitar have a whammy bar?


Can you put a whammy bar on any electric guitar?

A lot of electric guitars have a threaded hole to put the whammy bar in but not all.

Why isn't whammy working on Wii guitar hero?

If you have just bought a guitar, the whammy bar will tend to not work off and on. If it is broken because of neglect or overuse, than yeah. Two possible reasons: First, if the whammy bar is pushed forward when the controller is turned on (possible because the guitar is laying on its face), the whammy bar will not work. There is a screen where you can calibrate the whammy and it will fix the problem. Or simply start over and turn on the controller again and be careful with the whammy. Second, I have seen a case where a small piece of plastic broke off the top of the whammy bar mechanism inside the guitar. If this is the case, you are pretty much out of luck unless you can locate an old wii guitar that can be used for parts.

What types of whammy bars are there?

The tremelo bar on a strat is the Fender whammy bar example,while a tremelo bar on a Guild would be the Bigsby whammy bar.Fender also tried another design using springs housed into the guitar body.

What is a temblor bar on a guitar?

a fancy term for the whammy bar on a guitar

How do you take the whammy bar off my guitar?

If it is just the whammy bar itself and not the tremolo unit, depending on the type, then just rotate the bar anticlockwise until it screws off.

On guitar hero 3 during a boss battle you have to whammy but my whammy bar is broken.what do i do?

Either get your whammy fixed somehow, or you're screwed. Sorry.

How do you put a whammy bar in your electric guitar?

It depends on the type of guitar and the type of bridge, but there's probably be a hole in the bridge of your guitar which you can screw the whammy bar into.

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