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How do you flatten pectoral muscles?

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In order to flatten pectoral muscles in men, it is best to do cardio exercise. The cardio will burn fat in these areas, therefore making the flabby chest area flattened.

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Why are pectoral muscles called pecs?

pectoral muscles are called pecs because it is an abbreviation for pectoral there is no reason its just easier to say.

What are pectoral muscles?

muscles found in your chest

What does pectoral mean?

Chest.Of, relating to, or pertaining to the pectoral muscles, or the chest.

Do girls have pectoral muscles?


Is the sternum lateral to the pectoral?

The sternum is medial to the pectoral muscles. The sternum is a midline structure.

Where is the pectoral muscles located?

On the chest wall

What muscles are you using when you lift a heavy suitcase?

Pectoral Muscles, Biceps, and Triceps.

What muscles do use in push ups?

the pectoral muscles, the triceps and partially the biceps

Can a shoulder problem cause pectoral pain when working out?

The bones of your sholder are part of what is called the pectoral girdle. The bones and muscles in this region work together to allow your arms to have a certain range of motion. Since these muscles work together it is possible to have a sholder problem affect your pectoral muscles.

Where is the pictorial muscle?

You mean the pectoral muscles, aka pecs. They're your chest muscles.

What does benchpressing work?

It works the pectoral muscles the frontal deltoid muscles and also the triceps.

What is the difference between pectoral and the pelvic?

pectoral deals with either birds or our muscles, pelvic deals with your pelvis on a human

What two pectoral muscles are found in the thoracic wall of the human?

The two pectoral muscles found in the thoracic wall are the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. The other two muscles found there are the serratus anterior and the subclavius.

How do men move there chest muscles?

Pectoral development and practice.

What muscles do you work out when doing planks?

When properly done, the pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles and rotator cuff muscles (of the shoulders) receive a significant workout.

What typeof muscles is directly used in opening a book?

Striated (voluntary) muscle.

What exercise can you do to lift you breasts?

Anything involving the working of the pectoral muscles.

What is the definition of pec?

"Pec" is slang for the pectoral muscles over the chest.

How long does it take to build pectoral muscles?

it takes 2 to 3 months to have that

Where is your pectorals major?

The pectoral muscles are located in the chest, right below the collarbone.

What are your chest muscle called?

Pectoral muscles. Latin: Musculus pectoralis major

Which chest muscle in cats is the largest?

The Xiphihurneralis in the cat's chest muscles and posterior of the pectoral muscles are the largest in all cats.

What is pectoral girdle joined to?

of front side pectoral girdle is connected with bone of chest while on the back side it is connected with vertebral column through muscles.

What are the muscles involved when you take a deep breath?

The muscles of assisted inhalation are the external intercostal muscles, pectoral minor, and scalenes. The main muscle of respiration is the diaphragm.

What are Pectorals?

"Pecs" refers to the pectoral muscles in the chest. These muscles are under the nipples. To exercise/improve this muscle, do a lot of bench pressing