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How do you flirt with guys who think you're ugly?


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Become friends with them, but don't act obsessed. Then maybe they will like you for who you are on the inside and dont be there friend to much u dnt wnt 2 get friend zoned -_-

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Yes..They Do..Ugly Guys Can Have Fun 2

Guys problaly say your ugly for many reason, some think you really are, some may like you, and some just wanna feel better about themselves. Dont ever think your ugly no girl is ugly we are all special in our own way!!!!!!!!

no, we think it is UGLY no, we think it is UGLY no, we think it is UGLY no, we think it is UGLY no, we think it is UGLY ^ actually no. I disagree I think it's rather cute when a guy crossdresses and if I had the chance, I would date a crossdresser. Not all girls are as rude and narrow minded as you, love. Keep that in mind.

it depends if the girl likes ugly guys or not well it depends what girls think about them

because they think that honesty will save them =) lol

Different guys consider different things to be ugly or unattractive. What is ugly to one is beauty to another.

not always; remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

youre ugly too? No thats not it, everyone says i'm pretty.

i think some that aren't jealous of him... but i think most guys hate him are butt ugly and jealous cause they don't look as good as him

Dudes tease them because they are just ugly, isn't simple? Actually, I dont think that anyone is truely ugly. Its really just a matter of perspective.

Screw them if they think your ugly!! There not even worth your time if they can't see how beautiful you are!

Don't think yourself ugly! I bet if you ask your friends if you're ugly they will say no because you're not. I'm ugly and I've got a really good looking boyfriend.

What i would do is...put some lipgloss on, a little bit of blush, and if you go to a public school then put on a hot outfit on and then stand in the middle of the hallway and flirt with the guys and just walk fiercely and let the guys check you out.

I believe some of it is not knowing what the guys are thinking as they are looking. it weakens the confidence of a girl, cuz the girls think : do i look hot ? is my hair in place etc. or if the boys are ugly, the girls think : why is that ugly nerd staring at me ? .. look at someone else please...!!

They might be ugly to you but that would be her taste.

Why don't you flirt with him and find out? If you're ugly, or cute, that's your problem solved.

No, she is not hot. Most guys think she is fat and ugly. out of 10 guys only 1 thought she was hot.But he had a bigger crush on Selena Gomez. All the guys at my school think Selena Gomez is hotter than Miley Cyrus.

That's A pretty harsh question, Maybe you think your A little hotter than you actually are.

No and some ugly guys are gay too.

Its a can of sprite (soda) that looks very ugly! Lol you guys are stupid!

Be confident guys like that also show them that inside your an amazing person. Some guys don't think any girl is "ugly" or "fat" that guy is true is a doesn't like you because of you looks screw him!!

yes she is way to prettty for ugly guys so hahahaha for those guys who r ugly and single and who know julia

no that means they like you but if their friends come they act like it to make fun of you because its kinnda funny inside guys like unpopular girls cause their the pretty ones and popular girls are usually ugly but ya he does like you

flirt with them! == Yeah, that sounds so wicked stupid...but it's the truth. The really hot girls are intimidating to most guys, but since they are so hot, nobody will ask them out. So the ugly guys figure they got nothing to lose and they talk them up. That's how it happens everybody...figure you got nothing to lose and go yak it up to him/her. Odds are pretty good that s/he is lonesome too.

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