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How do you forget someone you love?

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There's a famous saying. Time is the greatest healer. For most people this is true.

Some may also find that having been in a rebound relationship has helped. Don't seek out a rebound unless they know the story as this is not fair to them.


You don't ever forget someone you love.

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How do you forget someone that we love much?

Hopefully you do not forget someone you love.

How can you forget someone you love?

You can never completely forget someone you love. To avoid thinking about that person do. Keep yourself busy throughout the day this might help a lot.

How do you forget someone who we really love very much?

You don't. If you love someone but they do not return your love then you have to move forward as painful as it is but you don't forget them if you really love them.

If you love or like someone you will never forget?

If you truly loved someone, you will never forget them.

What does trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew means?

It basically means that forgetting someone you love is impossible. How can you remember someone who you don't know or have never met? You can't. And you can't forget someone you love.

What you have to do when lover rejected your love?

break up and forget him or her and then find a new someone. Answer: Nothing. You can't make someone love you, if they don't love you. Move on and just try to forget about them, it will always be someone better and hotter for you.

What do you do if you love ex and doesn't love you back and he is with someone else already?

forget him and find someone else

If you love someone you will not forget the word nraitcom?


How you forget your love?

You will never really forget your love, but if she she/he didn't feel the same way about you then it wasn't meant to be and you will someday come across someone who does love you and you them.

Why is it so hard to forget about someone you love?

Love is a very strong feeling. If you truly love someone, then forgetting them will be almost impossible.

How can you forget someone that you have loved?

Replace for a new one, but you needn't to forget your old love. Keep it in your heart, and divide it with your new love.

What can you do to forget someone you love too much?

basically i think, theres nothing to do to forget our love ones.......................................................................................................but try to make friends...myspace, facebook..its fun!!!!!!!!!!! and meets your friends and even old friends.........tighten the friends relationship!! you will feel better!!AnswerWhy forget someone you love? Love is hard to find. Besides, if you truly love someone you will not forget them no matter how hard you try. They will always be in your heart and sometimes your very soul.

If you love someone u will never forget this words?

The answer is ROMANTIC

What do you do if you love someone who doesn't know who you are?

Either tell them or forget about it.

How do you get over someone who loves you and you love them when it was a bad relationship?

forget about him or her

How do you kill love and forget someone?

Sadly, there is no tried and true way that works for everyone to "kill" love and forget someone. The mature thing to do is to learn from mistakes, and go on. Using the experience to grow.

How do you forget someone you still love?

well in my opinion you cant forget about someone you truly love you can only try to move on and that new girl/guy can help you get over your old girl/guy

If you love someone and they don't like you back what should i do?

Nothing. It is hard to love someone who doesn't love you, but in this case they don't even like you so you need to move on. Forget them. Out there is someone who will love you as much as you love them.

Is it possible to love someone that doesn't love you back?

Yes and it's very hard to forget them.

Eneaeltdovm is you love someone you will never forget this word?

dont leave me

I nm unable to forget your love please help?

I dont advice you to forget...just look for someone better....!!!

How can you love someone who does not love you?

it's very difficult but it happens. I think it's important to forget this person - it will take time but you will forget him - you need to stop the relations with him

How long does it take 2 forget about someone you love and care about a lot?

If you really love someone and care about them a lot you may never forget them completely. It might take a couple months, or a year, or several. It depends on the circumstances, how strong the love is, etc.

How can you be happy if the one you loves is with someone else?

Forget about the love of someone else and start loving yourself!

How do you forget about someone you love?

You talk to your best girl/guy friend more and more. If that doesn't work, then too bad, you're hooked on the person you want to forget about. Or you cant forget him/her. Why would you even want to forget about somebody you love.