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How do you format DVD-R disks for non DVD files?

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You can't format DVD-R disc because they are already formatted for burning and burning ONCE only. (ie put it straight into your DVD burning device and use the software that came with the device (ie Nero) to burn files. You can use the DVD-R (or any other discs if your device is compatible for burning; just be sure that if you're burning it for someone else, make sure their DVD device is compatible for the disc otherwise you have wasted a disc) to store files of any kind whether data, music etc, just select what you what to burn at the open window of the burning application (ie to burn files only; Nero, make a data DVD/CD etc).

If you're talking about eracing files etc. from a DVD-RW then it's a diff. story. Just use the DVD burning application (ie Nero Express; open app. click at open window the word 'MORE' then click erase disc). There are two type of for erasing quick and full. The full will take longer (30mins and up) but cleaner or otherwise use the quick (it just write a block in the sectors and when come to burning new data it will overwrite it or the like).

If any probs. refer to the instruction manual for that application you're using to burn DVDs.

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What is a universal DVD format?

The best format is Blu-Ray DVD disks, but the most common disk is a standard DVD disk.

How do you burn DVD disks?

In order to burn DVD disks, a DVD burner, download video files or movies, blank DVD disks and a computer are needed. Following is a link about how to burn video or movie to DVD, you might have a look. Wish it helps!

How do you convert a DVD to imovie format?

The following extensions are recogonized MPEG-4, DV, or .mov files Just convert your DVD files to those format files, then you can import it to your iMovie with a DVD ripper software

Does windows media center convert avi files to DVD format?

No, Windows Media Center does not convert AVI files to DVD format. However, it is capable of playing most AVI files.

Can you buy a DVD player that plays realmedia files?

No, realmedia files must be converted into DVD format in order to be played on a DVD player.

Can you record blueray movies with blank DVD disks?

No. A standard DVD disk does not have the capacity to record a movie in BluRay format.

How do you get a movie on a DVD into I movie?

now a days most of the DVD players support all format of video files such as Avi, mpeg,mp4, The original DVD video format Is dob, so add dob files and write to DVD

How do you watch DVD's on an ipod?

You have to rip them if they're unprotected and encode them to H.264 mpeg format or buy them from iTunes; but iPods do not have a disk drive on them and therefore cannot play DVD videos or .ifo files (DVD files). Or, you can convert your DVD files to iPod MP4 format with a DVD ripper software.

How do you format a hard drive without losing files?

Back up all of your files either to a CD or a DVD first. Then you can format and restore your files back to your hard drive.

What format do you need to use for DVD so it can be used in a standard DVD player?

You need a DVD transcoder like handbrake or toast which will create .avi files to burn into a DVD. Once you get one of those DVD 'burners', add the video files you want on the DVD and it will convert the files into a disc you can play on DVD players.

What is format in DVD player?

It depends upon you DVD player. If you have simple DVD player then it will play mpeg2 format which are in the .vob files and ac3 which is audio format. other extensions it may support .avi .mp3 .mp4 .mkv etc

Does the PS3 play movies?

Yes and it can DVD blu ray disks avi mpa and other movie files

I want to grab data DVD?

DVD Copier is a program for Windows that allows you to grab data DVDs, HD DVDs, Video DVDs and Blu-ray disks (ISO) containing any type of files into a blank DVDV disc or to an Image file (like ISO format). It grabs any type of DVD.

What kind of DVD do you need to burn videos?

Dvd-r or DVD+r are the most common types of dvds you can use to burn your own videos onto, you can also use a dvdrw which is a rewritable DVD, a dvdr usually says it can hold 4.7gbs of data, but in reallity it only holds just about 4.5gbs after formatting, most ripping software will also rip a dual layer DVD to a compressed rate of about 4.36gbs, so as to accommodate for the finished files to be able to fit on a dvdr, the best dvdr for me is a DVD-r, minus r dvds burn and work better in standalone DVD players as well as in computers, and most DVD burners these days are fully compatible with them, so your best bet is to get yourself some DVD-r's and start the burning, have fun.

What is normal DVD formats?

VOB file format is the most commonly supported DVD format. These files may be encrypted and can contain video, audio, subtitles, menus, and navigation information.

How many floppy disks can fit into a DVD?

a DVD can hold about as much as about 3,263 floppy disks

Are all DVD-R and DVD-RW blue or colored in some way?

No, sometimes DVDr and DVDrw look like normal Cd's and the cheaper ones don't even say they are dvd's until you put them into a computer and it reads the format

How do you copy a DVD to a flash drive?

The easiest way to copy a DVD to a flash drive is to purchase a DVD ripping program. Ripping software converts files on the DVD to a transferable format.

4 different DVD players in my house will not play burned disks but they will play on the computer?

You have to convert your video to DVD format (VOB or MPEG-2) at first, and add the DVD menu to it, otherwise it cannot play on regular DVD player.

Can a DVD-R be written to and rewritten?

no, you can only write to a dvdr once. A dvdrw can be rewritten on

What is the fastest DVDR?

Primera TuffCoat Plus 16x DVD-R Media is very fast.

Can a DVD player that supports divx files play a avi file that was burned on to DVD?

Mine does avi fine and that was bought 4 years ago. I think DivX and avi files are the same format.

What formats does a DVD player play?

It depends upon you DVD player. If you have simple DVD player then it will play mpeg2 format which are in the .vob files and ac3 which is audio format. It should also play the mpeg1 format which is usually in .dat or called video cds. The new DVD players also support xvid or divx codecs.

Is a toshiba DVD recorder set up for plus or minus DVD discs?

If it is a recorder/player for the TV then DVD-R. If it is in your computer it doesn't matter. If you are having problems reading these disks, Your DVD recorder Requires Dual Format or is in need of replacement.

How do you open uif files?

The format .uif is for Magic ISO Universal Image Format. It can open DVD image files and convert bin to iso and back. The uif file is a compression image file format for backing up CD's or DVD's.

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