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CDs can't be formatted unless they are RW(rewritable)..If you have a RW CD and a Cd writer, then you can use any software (Nero...etc) to erase all data on it ...

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Q: How do you format a CD?
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How to Format my Computer without cd ?

How to Format my Computer without cd ?

How do you Format data CD to music CD?

You cannot change the data format once it has been written to the CD. You will need to write another CD with the data in music format to play in a CD player.

Will The fall album by the Gorillaz be in CD format?

Yes it should be out on a cd format

Is CD format the same as MP3?

No. CDs use a .cda format, not mp3. you can rip the CD and convert to mp3 format.

How can I format a CD-R in Vista?

You cannot format CD-R's in any operating system. However, you can format CD-RW's in any operating system. You can record on a CD-R only once, but you can record thousands of times on a CD-RW and format it over and over again.

How do you format a CD that does not have a format option?

When you begin to write files to the CD, format options should come up automatically for you to select the format you'd prefer.

How many albums has Elvis Crespo made?

''Suavemente'' Released: 1998 * Format: CD * Chart position(s): #1 on Billboard's "National Latin top 40" ''Píntame'' * Released: 1999 * Format: CD ''The Remixes" * Released: 2000 * Format: CD ''Wow! Flash'' * Released: 2000 * Format: CD ''Urbano'' * Released: 2002 * Format: CD ''Saborealo" * Released: 2004 * Format: CD ''Hora Enamorada" * Released: 2005 * Format: CD

How do you format CD-r?

Insert the RW-CD in the drive and right click on the cd drive and select the option as format disk

How can you format a CD R in Vista?

You can't format a CD-R, the data is irreversibly etched onto it.

What file format does music on a CD have?

This file format of a CD is dependent on the program you use to rip the data off the CD. Normally it is in the Mp3 format, but if you use Windows Media Player to rip the songs off it will be converted into .Wav format. - CascadeNeko

How do i format CD Rs?

Don't think you can format CD-R's - they are manufactured and formatted ready to use. CD-RW's however can be formated, and/or re-formatted.

How do you format a CD-RW disk?

Insert the CD-RW in the CD tray and close it. Follow the instructions that come up. Choose quick format.

How you can format your computer windows vista without CD?

how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me. how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me.

What format will a CD player in a 2005 dodge ram truck play?

It has to be in music CD format. IT will not play MP3's.

How should you format a blank CD-r for photos?

Unless the disc is a CD-RW you do not format a CD-R. If you format a CD-R you will make the disk unuseable. Just use a burning program and highlight all the photos you want on the disk and put them on it.

Is format possible from unbootable CD?

No No Now is not possible from Unbootable CD

How do you burn on a rewritable CD?

If you have any re writable cd then u first format or erase data from this, you can use format from cd/dvd writer then use nero or xilisoft software for re- write cd.

What format is a CD bought from a store?

They can come in a few different formats. There is CD+R, CD-R, and CD+RW.

Can DVD be used in CD devices?

No. The DVD format can't be read by a CD.

What CD format do car CD player use?

standard depends what car

What happens when you format data on a CD?

Formatting data on a CD usually refers to removing all information previously created on said CD. You sometimes format CD-RW before and after burning to assure a successful burn.

What music format is required to play a CD on a music CD player?

wma is the standard. If you burn mp3's they are automatically converted to wma format. WMA is a format licensed and controlled by Microsoft. CDA is the standard CD Audio format used on standard store purchased Audio CDs.

What kind of CD can you record data on?

you can record data on any type of writable disc, the format is CD-R you can re-record and edit data on rewritable disc, the format is CD-RW

How do you format CD or DVD into cdfs format?

download Active@ISO Burner from

What is difference between a mp3 and a CD?

A CD is used for storage and a MP3 is a audio format.