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You hold it and then click forward.

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Q: How do you forward received voicemail to another phone?
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Will police leave a voicemail on your phone?

It is possible that police will leave a voicemail on your phone.

What is pin for phone?


How do you check your voice mail on a vtech phone?

One can call their own number to get to their voicemail on a Vtech phone. There also may be a code or another number one has to call to get to their voicemail. One usually has to also enter a password.

What is the proper way to check my voicemail on my verizon phone?

From your phone you should see an icon that says you have a voicemail. On most phones you should just be able to have your phone go to voicemail, and it will allow you to hear any messages you have.

Why is the voicemail phone number different from my cell phone number?

Usually, the voicemail number is when you press the number1 and I do not know why, but that is just how it works.

How can i get my voicemessages from using another phone?

It depends... Often you can dial the phone number of the phone owning the voicemail box. When it goes to voicemail, press *. That will usually prompt you for the PIN code to access the mailbox.Some systems will let you dial the voicemail external number. To find that, look in the messaging menu of the phone that owns the account, or in the call history. If that works, you'll probably need to enter * followed by the number of the phone. And then the PIN.

How do you forward a cricket cell phone to another cricket cell phone?

By sending it

If you forward your cell phone to another cel phone which phone gets billed airtime?


How do i receive notice of a phone call with voip phone service?

VoIP has voicemail function which allow the caller to leave message if you are not available on phone. You can access voicemail through your phone connected to internet.

If i use your cell phone number as my call forwarding number and you call me will it forward back to you?

Answerit would forward to the voice mail.Call forwarding service activated on someone's cell/phone number will send it either to the voicemail (if it's configured) or simply will sound busy.

How do you forward your text messages to another phone?

ummm... click options then forward then you can choose the peeps you want to forward it to.

Can you forward text messages to another phone?

Yes but only if you have the newest phone modles

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