How do you gain confidence and self esteem is it something you learn or are born with?

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2011-01-03 13:41:56

To best answer the questions, we must look at two elements,

personality and temperament. Both affect how we see the world and

guides our learning process. Self esteem is build from an early age

as young as 1 year old. That is because our parents, can either be

supportive or demanding, for which then children will learn certain

patterns. If parents encourage a child to explore, ask questions

and be democratic, he or she will have an excellent self esteem.

But on the other hand if he has a parent who is demanding

unflexible, and authoritarian, then he or she wil have a low self

esteem due to fears and traumas learned. For more information ask

any psychologist or psyc major, they will tell you more in


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