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You can garnish drinks with a wedge or slice of lemon or orange. You can also add a sprig of mint to add more flavor.

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Q: How do you garnish drinks?
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What do you use lime for?

Lime is used as a garnish for many drinks. It is also used for cooking as well as baking.

What is the garnish for portugaise?

Garnish of portugaise

What is the plural for garnish?

the plural for garnish is........ Garnishes! :)

What is the meaning of the word garnish?

There are three main meanings for the word "garnish." Used as a noun, a garnish is an item or substance used to decorate a dish, plate of food, drink, etc. The garnish (decoration) may be edible leaves, seasonings, herbs, even flowers. There are lots of options in choosing a garnish. Garnishes may add flavor or color to a dish. Some garnishes are used to enhance the visual aspect of the plate or dish to make it appear more appealing, while others are used to enhance the flavor. "The garnish on the cake was shaved chocolate curls." or "Which garnish should we use for the plates?" Used as a verb, it is the act of garnishing (decorating or embellishing with savory touches.) "Garnish the mixed drinks with lemon wedges or olives." or "Would you garnish the plates while I prepare the drinks?" There is a third, legal meaning to the word. It means to seize money owing to someone to satisfy his debts. If A owes money to B, and B owes money to C, C can collect the money owing to B from A in satisfaction of the debt owing to C. This is called "garnishing B's debts". If A is B's employer, it is called "garnishing B's wages".

Can the IRS garnish wadges?

yes, they can garnish your wages

Can a wage garnish and tax return garnish occur simultaneously?


I need to garnish wages?

Not really... they taste fine without a garnish.

Why do you garnish your food?

It depends what it is but i normally garnish everything with salt and pepper.

Do they garnish your wages in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada can garnish your wages if creditors take you to court. There is a limit on how much a creditor can garnish in the state.

When you add a garnish it's a good idea to?

remember that a sauce is a sauce not a garnish

Can a judge garnish your wages in Texas?

No, only the federal government can garnish your wages.

Can a apartment complex garnish my wages This subject is older than a year can they come and garnish me anytime?

A landlord can garnish yor wadges if you do not pay rent

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