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You cannot gear something for both, you should be able to find a ratio that makes you happy. If you gear it for low end or fast take-off, you will lose tope end. If you gear it for top end you will lose the low end. There are alot of variable you did not mention, engine size, and performance mods. If you want it to have faster top end than it does now, decrease the size of the sproket on the drive axle or increase the sproket on the motor. I would not do both at once, change one or the other. Go to you local go-cart shop they should be able to help.

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How fast does a freightliner travel?

That depends on the drivetrain, motor, rear end gear ratios, and whether or not the owner has it governed.

How much faster is a 393 gear rear end than a 300 gear rear end?

A 393 gear rear end would be quicker than a 300 gear rear end but the 300 gear rear end would be faster in the long run.

What type of fluid does a 1990 C1500 rear end take?

85W90 gear oil.

How do you id rear end gear ratio in 1993 Chevy pickup?

Need to remove the rear end plate. Then count the teeth that is on the ring gear ( big gear ) and write it down. Now look up inside of the housing and you will see another smaller gear that runs in the big gear, That will be the pinion gear, count those teeth now. Now take this # and devide it into the first # you wrote down and this will be the gear ratio. You will have to jack it up and take it out of gear, so you can turn the gears to be able to count them.

How do you determine gear ratio?

Take the rear end plate off and count the pinion gear teeth, write it down. Now count the ring gear teeth, write it down. Then divide the pinion # into the ring gear # and that will be the gear ratio.

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What type of oil does a 1989 Chevy Truck rear end take?

85W90 Gear oil.

What rpm does a 2001 ford ranger 4.0 run at in overdrive?

That would depend on how fast you are driving , what the rear end gear ratio is etc.

What is better a high gear ratio or a low gear ratio?

It depends on what you need - if you want lots of speed no power on the bottom end you go with the high ratio - if you want lots of torque on take off and lots of pulling power you take the low gear ratio.

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What will happen if you take the rear end to a Chevrolet 1500 z71 and put the rear end to a Chevrolet 2500 in the place?

Nothing really. But remember that the front and rear ring and pinion MUST be the same gear ratio. You didn't say if the Z71 was a 4-wheel drive. If it is not then you will either kill the engine power are may even increase the power.That depends on the gear ratio in the 3/4 TON rear end and the 1/2 ton rear end. / DIFFERENCE Low gear verses high gear. Low gear= Power. High Gear = No power.

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What happens when the rear end of a Chevrolet caprice lacks oil?

Chances are real good you will take out your pinion bearing, pinion gear, carrier bearings, and ring gear in really short time.

What is the differential gear ratio on a 1990 goldwing?

2.833 is the rear-end gear ratio

What is the gear use in auto gear vehicles?


How do you adjust the speedometer on an 89 Crown Victoria that runs 10 mph too fast?

eather you have the wrong size tire or the speedometer driven gear is wrong,or some one has changed the gear ratio in the rear end. these are the only things that could cause your speedo to be off. Added: Take your car to a dealer who will tell you what speedo gear you should have. The gears are not expensive and easy to change. Should take about 10 minutes including all the jacking of the car. Your axle ratio is coded in the VIN plate.

What is the rear end ratio on 80 olds cutlass Calais with 260 v8?

The rear end gear ratio on a 1980 Oldsmobile is 3.73, in the overdrive gear. The low gear ratio is 1.43.

How fast should a tractor trailer vehicle be driven when backing?

As slow as possible. You should never be on the high end of the reverse gear, and the motor should be at idle as you're backing.

What is the stock rear-end gear ratio on a 1991 240sx?

The stock rear-end gear ratio for all US 240sx is 4.083

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What gear oil does a dodge 1500 truck rear end take?

75w90, if posi it will require 4 ounces of limited slip additive.

Does a 1984 Dodge 318 distributor have a gear on the end?

No. It has a blade that engages with the oil pump drive gear.

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