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well sorry, there really isn't a easy way out for that, pretty much you have to make it by playing games, and just saving up. trust me sadly there aren't any cheats. :)

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If you win 1000000 coins on club penguin do you become a member?

No, you can't be a member if you get 1000000 coins on clubpenguin.

Can you make 1000000 coins in Clubpenguin?

Yes by doing cart surfer again and again.

Can you get more than 1000000 coins on clubpenguin?

i think you can get as many as u can or as many numbers can fit in the little rectangle

Can you get 1000000 coins by awns ring 10 questions on clubpenguin?

No and Yes. This website appears when you go to Clubpenguin sometimes but you have to download it and I don't think it's a safe site to visit...

How do you get 1000000 coins on clubpenguin without getting banned?

You have to earn them by playing games. You can't get banned for just playing games, that's what it's made for!

Where do you get 100000 coins on clubpenguin?

google clubpenguin cheats

Have 1000000 coins but can't get more why?

Because that is the max coins that you can get

How do you get 100000 coins on clubpenguin?

you cant.

How do you do the missing coins for clubpenguin?


Where is the oions on clubpenguin?

You can earn coins by playing mini games and sometimes for being a tour guide, ClubPenguin will give you 200 coins.

What does it mean to have coins on cp?

Coins on clubpenguin are money. You need coins to buy things.

How do you delete your coins on club penguin?

to delete your coins on clubpenguin you give them to coins for change

How do you beat the missing coins on clubpenguin?

Im Trying to know how to finish the second part of the case of the missing coins on clubpenguin your on your own sorry. :/

What stuff can you download from your ds to clubpenguin?


Can you get unlimited coins on clubpenguin?

No, the limit is 1,000,000.

How do you get unlimited coins on clubpenguin?

You get unlimited coins by working hard and playing games!

How do you get 1000000 coins on Ub funkeys?

You cant

How do you get 1000000 coins on sly 2?

you can't :(

How do you get coins on clubpenguin without playing games?

Well, You can download a clubpenguin money maker. Or you can go on and get alot of coins for free! Just type in your user and pass and you will pick your coins you want!

How do you upload coins from epf clubpenguin ds game to clubpenguin without wi fi?

you cant

You want 5 puffles on clubpenguin but you only have 3185 coins how much more if there 800 coins?

815 coins

What do you do with coins on clubpenguin if you're not a member?

You can buy backgrounds.

How do you download coins on clubpenguin?

you can't you have to play games

What is the limit of coins on one clubpenguin account?


How do you get 1000000 coins in YoVille?

you can't unless you buy it

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