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How do you get 1st rank in class?


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By having a higher grade-point average than your peers.

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You have to study a lot... and have the luck that there is nobody else in your class who studies harder than you, or is smarter!

The rank of Corporal and Leading Seaman are equivalent. The next level up is Sergeant (army) Petty Officer (navy). Although the American Navy turfs in a few extra pay grades under the Petty Officer rank. On the other hand the British Navy skips the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class and goes right to Petty Officer 1st Class from Leading Seaman. Petty Officer 1st Class is equivalent to Warrant Officer in the Army. Confused?

SF 1c is the old WWII Navy rating for a Shipfitter 1st Class.

he could be considered a tenderfoot, 2nd class, or 1st class depending on how hard he works. each rank has different requirements that the scouts complete at their own pace. the harder they work, the quicker they get rank.

First rank: Alpha Second rank: Beta Third rank: Omega

For undergrad, about top 10% of your class.

First Class Petty Officer is the Rank; the paygrade is E-6.

Fran's rank score is for 1 test. Kelly's rank is the CLASS rank. That means that Kelly is # 60 in a class of 500. Or, if you simplify, she is #12 in a class of 100. Fran's percentile rank on the exam was 85%, or 85 out of 100. Therefore, there are 15 percentile points that other people got higher than Fran's score. But there are only 11 people ahead of Kelly. Therefore, Kelly is ranked higher.

I recall reading in the Los Angeles Times in 1988 that his class rank was 509 out of 610.

fireman third class (lowest starting rank)

The minimum is about 28 months. The requirements for the ranks of scout, tenderfoot, 2nd class and 1st class can be worked simultaneously and there is no specific time required. It is generally considered a sign of a high quality unit if many of their boys achieve 1st class status within a year. Many take longer. Star rank requires 4 months as a 1st class scout Life rank requires 6 months as a Star scout. Eagle rank requires 6 months as a Life scout. So it is possible to joint the boy Scouts at age 11, be 1st class by age 12 and earn the Eagle rank 16 months later at the age of 13 or 14, but this is not common. Usually scouts do not earn the Eagle until about age 17 or 18. They must complete the requirements prior to their 18th birthday.

Type /join timespace or /join timeportal. Its a good spot to lvl and rank up in class :D

Doomknight is out. You can get it from the doomknight shop in Shadowfall if you are a member, have a rank 10 healer class, a rank 10 warrior class and at least rank 5 evil reputation. It costs 10000 gold.

On average, maybe 45%. Star is after first class, which is after second class, whch is after tenderfoot, which is after the first rank of scout.

P=Protestant Pvt. would be Private Pfc. would be Private, 1st Class

The rank is E-6 not V-6. The Naval E-6 rank is Petty Officer First Class.

Specialist Fourth Class.

get rank 10 healer and warrior and rank 5 good

10th rank in u.P. And 1st in kanpur

There is no special abilites for No Class in aqw I have it and im rank 10 and it only has the 1st abilty because it is a peasant (peasant is a poor person)

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