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How do you get Arceus can anyone trade you one?

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well, yes and no. for the most part, arceus is only available through hacks. there was a temporary toy-r-us thing to get arceus ( November of 2009) and their is sopposed to be a Nintendo event coming in the future. so yes, you can trade an arceus, but it will ussually be hacked.

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Does anyone have an arceus they can trade me?

I might but what Pokemon do you want to trade for it?

Can anyone trade me an Arceus for return of any Pokemon?

no way !!!

I really want a Arceus in my Pokemon platinum game but missed the event and I don't know anyone that can trade me 1 does anyone know what I should do?

If you get it in your Pokedex, put up a shiny eevee Lv. 100 on GTS asking for arceus any and I will trade you one.

Can someone trade you Arceus Darkrai and shaymin My email is

what i ment to say was can anyone trade me arceus darkrai and shaymin?IF YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT THE EMAIL ABOVE TO DISCUSS TRADE OPTIONS.

Can anyone trade me an Arceus FC 0646 8073 2907?

yes you can

How do you get Arceus on Pokemon diamond pearl without cheat or event?

Trade himPokemonknow-it-all:I got an Arceus anyone for Jirachi?

Will someone give you Arceus?

You cant "give" a Pokemon to anyone. You must trade it.

How do you get an Arceus in Pokemon HeartGold Read more httpwikianswerscomQHow do you get an Arceus in Pokemon HeartGold?

You dont get Arceus in HeartGold. You need to trade one from another HeartGold or SoulSilver or trade one from the Sinnoh region games. WARNIG: IF YOU HAVE AN ARCEUS ON BLACK OR WHITE YOU CAN NOT TRADE IT BACK TO THE JOHTO OR SINNOH GAMES.

Will anyone trade an arceus or dialga or mew or Groudon or lugia in Pokemon gold for an Entei?


Does anyone have a darkrai shaymin arceus deoxys or manaphy I will trade them back Email me

I do

Can anyone trade a arceus level 100 for dialga level 73?

It can be done, but i doubt anybody would make that horrible trade.

Anyone trading an arceus- you will trade Kyogre lv 100 or dialga lv 100 will trade both if a have too?


Can you get ARCUS in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't, but if you have a friend who has Pokemon Platnium and has arceus he or she can trade you that arceus for one of your pokemon.

Can you have Arceus you will trade a manaphy?

I have a level 100 Arceus if your willing to trade a manaphy for it

Can anyone trade an Arceus Mew Shaymin Darkrai Riolu or Celebi?

Yes, anyone can trade these Pokemon as long as they own them and can connect with other players using the same generation games.

Can you get arceus on Pokemon white 2?

No, you can't. You have to trade for one.

How do you get Arceus without action replay and the Arceus event?


Does anyone have an Arceus they can trade me if i give you my friend code 2106 5720 8694 and tell me when to meet and what Pokemon to trade?

I do have an arceus, what do you have for it?i do lv 100 legit event arceus want a lv 40 darkrai any lv mew or celebi my name is my code is 3266 5160 7568 anytime email me when u want to trade at

Will someone trade their Arceus for kyogre and Groudon?

whoever answered this, what is your fc? i will trade my kyogre & groudon for arceus.

How do you get Arceus i Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Pokémon SoulSilver the only way to get Arceus is to trade the Arceus from the event that happened in 2009 over into SoulSilver or HeartGold, the event is no longer active so if you didn't get one then you would have to wait for the next Arceus event or you could use a cheating device in order to cheat for it. Or just trade it from Diamond and Pearl.You get it from a trade.

I am trading Spiritomb level 1 and am excepting offers but am looking for an arceus Palkia or deoxys anyone intersested?

i have palkia for trade

Can anyone trade me a shiny arceus I will make it worth your while?

This isn't a question for this site. Check on Ebay for whatever you want.

Will someone trade me Arceus My friend code is 5241 5263 0740 and my name is MICHA?

ya man I'll trade you one of my arceus my friend code is 3394 1196 7673

How do you get Arceus in black?


How do you get arceus in the ruins of alph in soul silver?

You can't. You need to trade for one.