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crulean cave.rt13,14,and 15

What? I've never heard of that on diamond and the routes arent on there.

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Q: How do you get Ditto on Pokemon diamond?
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Can you get a ditto from bebe in Pokemon diamond?


What is the Pokemon that breeds with other Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?


How do you get a Ditto in Pokemon Sapphire?

I'm afraid you cant get a Ditto in Pokemon Sapphire. You can only get ditto in Emerald. However you can also get ditto in Diamond and Pearl.

Can ditto breed with prehistoric Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

Yes It Can

Can kabutops and Ditto lay an egg on Pokemon diamond?

yes as ditto is compatible with all Pokemon and the Pokemon it mated with will be the baby.

In Pokemon diamond what legendary eggs can you breed with Ditto?

You can breed Manaphy with a Ditto to get Phione.

Can you breed Latias with Ditto to get a egg on diamond?

The only Pokemon Ditto cannot breed with are legendaries and other Ditto.

Where can you catch Ditto on Pokemon diamond?

You can catch Ditto at route 218. Ditto around there are usually lv 30. :)

Where to get a taillow in Pokemon diamond?

breed a swellow and ditto

If you kill Ditto where can you get him on diamond?

in the garden where that Pokemon mansion is at

How do you get Charmander on Pokemon Diamond?

put a ditto and a charzard in the daycare

How do you get a turtwig egg on Pokemon diamond?

Breed a Torterra and a Ditto.

How do you breed manaphy into phione in Pokemon diamond?

You get a ditto and breed it.

How do you clone items in Pokemon diamond without ditto?


Can you make Ditto eggs in Pokemon pearl and diamond?

no you cant!!!!

How do you breed in Pokemon Diamond?

two Pokemon of the same kind in the daycare or ditto and any Pokemon

Pokemon Diamond does your Pokemon have to be female to get an egg?

to be with ditto no with any outher male Pokemon yes

How long does it take a Ditto egg to hatch in Pokemon Diamond?

you don't get a ditto egg, they can only be caught

Disclaimer What is the action replay code to get a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond?

There are 3 ways to get ditto in Pokemon diamond. 1. You CAN catch a ditto in Pokemon diamond. I just forget where. 2. Migrate on from FireRed or LeafGreen. 3. Use an ar code that I forgot...It's a code to get 493 master balls in the items pocket. You throw away enough(in this case you throw away 361 to get ditto.)to get to the number of that Pokemon in the pokedex.

Where can you find ditto in Pokemon Diamond?

u have to migrate it from Pokemon emerald, and ditto is in the cave at fallabor town after u have beaten the elite four

Pokemon Diamond how to catch Ditto?

You can catch a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond after you obtain the National Dex and use the Poke Radar in the grass in route 228(or 227). Dittos have appear about 20% of the time.

How do you clone Pokemon without action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

i have Pokemon diamond, and played 600 hours. its not possible. but you can catch a ditto, and make Pokemon eggs.

How do you get phion in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You need to get a Manaphy from Pokemon ranger / Pokemon platinum and breed it with a Ditto.

If you have a male starvia which female Pokemon do you need but not ditto on Pokemon diamond?

you need the same Pokemon to evolve it.

Where to find a Ditto in Pokemon diamond?

you can battle ditto 20 times and you find him route 218 by canalave city