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The Egyptian Gods aren't available in the game. The gods were planned to be added into the game yet the game makers never put them in.

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Q: How do you get Egyptian Gods on Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Duel Stories?
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What is the duelist level for swords of revealing lights in Yugioh dark duel stories?

200, same as it's cost.

How do you get Egyptian Gods on Yu Gi Oh Dark Duel Stories?

You can get them in the Legendary Collection Binder or you can get them online

What is the password for Egyptian gods on yu-gi-oh dark duel stories?

the Egyptian gods don't have a code because there so rare

How do you use revive serpent night dragon in yugioh dark duel stories?

The English version has a faulty description. It says blackland fire dragon, but you have to use darkfire dragon.

How many people do you have to duel in the dark survival tournament on Yugioh day of the duelist?

40 people

How do you tribute a card in Yugioh gx duel academy?

You have to be summoned by the Ritual Spells to tribute a card in Yugioh Gx Duel Academy.

Where to buy duel disk?

here to buy yugioh duel disk

Can you get buster blader in dark duel stories?

You can indeed get Buster Bladder in Dark Duel Stories. You can get Buster Bladder through the card creation mechanic in the game or via the password system. The Password for Buster Bladder is 78193831.

Why Egyptian god cards and blue eyes white dragon are not allowed at duel academy in Yugioh gx?

Egyptian god cards and blue eyes white dragon are not allowed at duel academy in yugioh gx, because students could win easliy by using powerful cards. It is against the rules at duel academy, because the teachers can tell that those powerful cards can be use for cheating. if the student use a blue eyes white dragon or obelisk the tormentor on the duel field, it is very likely that the student will be expelled from duel academy.

Why cant you duel in yu-gi-oh dark duel stories?

You can duel, I Know I have had this game for years. And it could be because your cards are over the limit, or because you are on the wrong menu.

Is Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds a different game or the same as Yu-Gi-Oh and just aan addition to the game?

yugioh gx is basically the same as yugioh but in yugioh 5ds sometimes they duel on motorbikes (duel runners)

Can i use an Egyptian god card in a Yugioh duel?

Yes, if you have a copy of the legit Effect Monster God cards, you are free to use them in a duel. There are however promo versions with no summoning text and the wrong backs, these are not legal game cards.

Who is died in yu-gi-oh?

Atem the spirit of the Pharaoh also known as Yami died at the end of Yugioh Duel Monsters. In Yugioh 5ds all of the former main characters from Yugioh GX and Yugioh Duel Monsters are dead. (most likely by age)

Where can you get a yu-gi-oh duel disk?

you can get a yugioh duel disk to kaissa in glyfada with 50 euro.

Where can you buy a Yugioh duel disk that is cheap and not from Ebay?


What is kaibas password on 4kids Yugioh ultimate vault?


What is yugioh online?

its a game on the internet where you have to buy yugioh cards and duel point with you credit card if you ask me its point less

Does the duel accelerator on the Yugioh online website cost money?


Is there a code to get the sacred beasts in yugioh gx duel academy?

no there isn't

How many cards do you have to have to duel in yugioh 7 trials to glory?


Can you Yu-Gi-Oh duel on your computer?

yes you can you yugioh duel on your computer. you must obtain a program known as yvd

In Yugioh 5D'S stardust accelerator World championship 2009 how to get yusei's duel runner?

Duel and beat Yusei 10 times and you will unlock his runner and duel disk.

What are the password of god cards in Yugioh worldwide edition?

All Egyptian God cards do not have official passcodes. The area that is normally occupied by a passcode is instead replaced with a "This card cannot be used in a Duel".

How do you get pass the guards in yugioh 5'ds stardust acellarator?

beat them in a duel!

In yugioh gx duel academy are there any main menu cheat codes?