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How do you get Five Stars in Pokemon Ruby without using a trainer card?

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Five Stars in RubyWell, I only know how to get four stars, although i think there are five. There is a fifth one here it is.

You get them like this:

  • Beat Master Contest
  • beat the elite four
  • win 50 battles in a row at trainer tower
  • win a master contest in every rank*
  • get the first 200 Pokemon (you don't have to have jirachi or deoxys)
  • After you win the contest, the artist should come and talk to you. He asks if he can put a picture of your Pokemon in the art gallery. Say yes. Once you have a picture in the art gallery for all 5 contests, you get the star. If you win but the artist doesn't talk to you, then you haven't done well enough. Try again.
2011-09-13 02:51:16
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How do you finish the Sinnoh pokedex without using action replay?

You have to battle every Pokemon Trainer in Sinnoh.

How can you catch trainer Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

You can catch trainer Pokemon in Pokemon platinum by using an action replay. When you first buy an action replay catch trainer Pokemon is programmed with it.

Could Pikachu defeat Pokemon Trainer?

It depends on who is using pikachu and Pokemon trainer. Sicne Pokemon trainer has 3 Pokemon then it also depends on who pikachu is being faced up against

How do you download trainer editor in Pokemon?

get advanced trainer and then use it but if your using vista you might get an error

I saw in YouTube that you can catch Pokemon trianers Pokemon with a master ball is that true?

if you have the steal trainer Pokemon cheat on using a gameshark you will be able to catch any Pokemon you see using a masterball, however if you are supposed to cut the cheat on after the battle has started, keeping it on when you encounter a trainer will force you to fight the trainer because the game doesnt recognize that its not a Pokemon. the trainer has no name and can only do struggle. If you do cathc the trainer it says you caught a ??????? and your game will freeze or be corrupt.

How do you catch seviper in Pokemon platinum?

Using action replay get the capture trainer Pokemon cheat and then an ace trainer near stark mtn has one

How to end the game Pokemon SoulSilver?

defeat Pokemon trainer red in kanto . reach him using rock climb

What trainer in Pokemon diamond has a prinplup?

Here are the trainers with Prinplup and their locations:Picnicker Karina (Using the Vs. Seeker) - South of Route 205Pokemon Ranger Jeffery - South of Route 212Pokemon Trainer (Rival name and if Chimchar is chosen) - Hearthome CityPokemon Trainer Lucas/Dawn (If Turtwig is chosen) - Veilstone CityPokemon Trainer (Rival name and if Chimchar is chosen) - Pastoria CityPokemon Trainer (Rival name and if Chimchar is chosen) - Canalave City

How do you cheat on adventure quest without cheat engine?

Using a AQ Trainer

Where is a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with a Luminneon?

Route 223 I believe there is one in Victory Road. It's in a double battle with a Rapidash-using Ace Trainer.

Is there a way to make one Pokemon shiny without using cheats?

walk into the grass and use the pokeradar (after national dex) and if the grass has stars that meens it a shiny pokemon! hope this helped BrYcE:)

Can you get unlimited diamonds in Far Cry 2 without using a trainer?

yes 2F5555

How do you make a Pokemon trainer card?

You can either find a trainer card template you like somewhere on the internet and then edit it yourself using PhotoShop or Paint by adding text and sprites(which you can also find on the internet), or have one instantly made using this automatic trainer card maker: you could also use this site it made me a really good heartgold and diamond one.

How do you sign up for Pokemon GO?

By using your Google account or by creating a trainer account through the app.

Which trainer have empoleon in Pokemon diamond?

There's a trainer in route 205 that has a piplup. After you beat the elite four i think you'll have to rematch using your vs seeker and he should have an empoleon

How do you tradde Pokemon caught using the Pokemon modifier?

the same way you would without a Pokemon modifier the same way you would without a Pokemon modifier

What do trainer cards do in Pokemon Pearl?

They show anyone you communicate using DS to DS or WIFI your status, and your badge

In Pokemon Diamond how do you get slowpoke using action replay codes?

u catch it like any other trainer.

Cheat codes for platinum Pokemon without using action replay?

You can use gameshark and gamegenie but it is not possible to use codes without those products. But the action replay cheat code for capture trainer Pokemon Pokemon platinum is: 94800004 00000000 92249cf4 00002019 12249cf4 0000e00a d2000000 00000000 Hold L+R at end of battle.

How do you get all Pokemon in the Pokedex in Pokemon game diamond and pearl?

By using action replay or battling every trainer and goingto every single location in the game.

How do you catch Shaymin in Pokemon sapphire without using a gameshark?

Shaymin is not a Pokemon in sapphire.

How can you get Azurill in Pokemon Sapphire without using Pokemon Emerald?

hach an egg or surf

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